Thursday, April 5, 2012


First of all, its my blog's second anniversary. Two years ago, when I started, I didnt know how well I could write. Now after 2 years, I can safely say (very humbly) that


Anyhows, wouldnt have been possible without all my readers. Thanks to you people.

Now for today's post ..... The Art of Laziness / Doing 'Nothing'. Absolutely Nothing.

I generally dont understand why laziness is frowned upon. What can we achieve by constantly working our asses off 24 hours? Some people in private companies slog for 14-16 hours a day. Granted, they earn a cool pay but wheres the freakin time to spend the moolah? Anyhow, if theres one art we should all learn- its the art of doing nothing at all.

Doing 'nothing' is easy. There are no skills required. No qualification. No effort. Just a belief in yourself that it can be done. And if you want inspiration, just think of an idly lying crocodile during any afternoon.. these guys hardly move!

You just need to follow these golden steps towards the heaven of laziness:

1 >
Bow down to the God of Procrastination for only he can deliver the heavens! Procrastinate. Keep postponing your chores till deadline arrives. Finish them then. Whats the point of finishing them early anyway? Theres no charm.

2 >
Junk the obsession with "rewards". In corporate culture, people who work the hardest, are often given lollipops such as "Employee of the month" or "Employee of the year" or even "Best employee on the 2nd floor". But do these serve any purpose? Until & unless these so-called rewards are making hot chicks go nuts over you..they are useless. Finish chores right on time, not before. And junk the obsession with useless recognition(s).

Think idle thoughts the whole day. Take inspiration from that kid in "Taare Zameen Par". Think of yourself as some kind of "special person" and wander off to imaginary lands full of chicks, food and Air-Conditioner. Come back only when work deadline approaches. Trust me.. greatest ideas come to you ONLY when you wander off.

In the end, life is all about leisure. Who has seen tomorrow? We are all here for a short duration and we should enjoy it thoroughly. So, instead of rushing blindly through life..stop, sit down and laze off. It always works.


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