Monday, January 23, 2012


I have found a perfect way to preserve our monuments.


I know a blanket ban will be quite harsh on genuine travelers (me included) but thats the only logical solution. Stupid people of our country treat national monuments with utmost disgrace. For them, monuments serve only these purposes:

> Find a secluded corner and make out like sexually starved idiots
> "Declare" your love by writing on the walls

Take a look:

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And ---

[BTW, I proclaim that this Rakesh dude (the bugger who wrote the below graffiti) is a TOP LEVEL GANDU.]

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(Image source: )

One thing which I will never understand is that how can foreigners treat our monuments so well while we treat them like shit? I remember my visit to the majestic Aurangabad caves. And there I noticed a highly repulsive scene. Some small kid wanted to pee so his mother asked him to do it right there - on cave walls. Not even some secluded corner but in full view, inside the grand-est of caves.

Frankly, there is only one way to 'teach' civility to Indians in general. Ban them from monuments for some time. Only non-Indians should be allowed. Assholes will mend their ways only when they feel the shame upon being banned from their own monuments.

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Sakshi said...

I agree. If not a Blanket Ban then atleast they should be subject to proper security checks and they should NOT be allowed to carry anything from which they can write on the walls.
Also, the government should get a park or two in the city with strict forest cover so that we have the trees for the love struck couples and also improves the environment.
And the government will also not have a problem of moral policing.
Those places will strictly be COUPLE entry only. *they can charge a cover charge too, for maintenance *

On a serious note- I agree with everything that you have said here. there are people like you and me, who are proud of the cities that we live in because of it's history and heritage- And the ones who ruin it- should be severely punished!

Alka Gurha said...

This is so sad...there should be heavy penalty for scribbling in public places...elevators ka bhi yahi haal hai.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Wouldn't help.

Kutte ki dum umr bhar bhi seedhi naali mein daal kar rakho, tedhi ki tedhi hi rehti hai.

Incredible India, Incredulous India!

Blasphemous Aesthete

Sonia said...

And you spoke my heart out !! As always :)

jallianwala bagh !! wahan pe recently gayi.. wahan bhi ye hi haal tha... imagine !! itna important memorial.. hazaron logon ne apni life sacrifice kar di thi.. and wahan hearts..

they must be punished !! Severely !!

And I find it hard to believe how those losers can be so shameless for God's sake !!