Thursday, October 20, 2011


Gaddafi is dead. And it deepens this mystery -

Why the fuck all dictators get killed while hiding in some drain or hole? Saadam was killed in same Gaddafi. Fuckin rats all.

Anyhows, the point of the post is the reaction of our "celebrities'" / famous people Gaddafi's death. So.....Have a look:

PM Manmohan Singh:

O baincho ! Thank god, we are a democracy! Otherwise Anna and his supporters would have come marching to 7,Race Course Road with guns!!

Shah Rukh Khan:

Cool! Now I can add to Ra.1 promotion OVERKILL by launching this new shit::

Digvijay Singh

Am sure its RSS Conspiracy! And am sure, I spotted Arvind Kejriwal somewhere near Gaddafi's dead body. Hes also involved! Team Anna is corrupt.. RSS is corrupt... all are corrupt. Except Rahul baba.

Rahul Gandhi

Hmm. Wonder whats Mummy's take on this.

L. K. Advani

I shall launch a new "Libya Chalo" yatra.

Rakhi Sawant

I was toh thinking of marrying Gaddafi after Ramdev refused me . SHIT! :( :( .

Sachin Tendulkar

Aila !

Chetan Bhagat

I shall write another idiotic, brainless, pseudo-intellectual romantic shit involving Gaddafi and his buxom female bodyguards!

A. Raja

What the bhen? He should have fleed to our jails! Would have been much safer here no?


I agree with Raja !!


I agree with both of them !!

And finally....the biggest celebrity... Me!


What the fuck is goin on???


Alka Gurha said...

SRK is looking as old as Gadddafi in close up....

But Gadddafi reminded me of Saddams end.

abhilasha said...

Wonder was killing the solution, or to be jailed was... Do I hate dis man? No.. He was doing his bit.. He was playing the bad boy much more responsible work den all the good guys... On a closer look , others have turn out to be hero coz of him... Damn u US.. Another strategy just worked so well... Glad u turned out to be the good guy!! Enjoy the bliss ..NATO n everythg else... Doing the peace work .. Yeah! Sure!!! Did anyone bother to ask the ppl of the country bout the despotism ... Or was it all US driven... One side of the story... Never mind we can be happy bout killing him... That other side ll always be the other side...

Suruchi said...

lol at Rakhi Sawant n Sachin's reaction and yours tops the case as always...and yes, would someone please tel Ra-one to stop now!

Aqua Guy said...


short post :(

where is Mahajan-man :(

where are the saucy juicy posts?

Mayank...kem chho dikra :|

Ana_treek said...

Hehe..Sachin's reaction is the best :P

MangoMan said...

Loved Rahul Gandhi bit and DG bit. ;)

Pesto Sauce said...

He was not really that bad but then he had oil with which he wouldn't have parted easily

Droopy Rose said...

Hahaha...loved the reactions by Piggy Singh and of 40 years aged young child Rahul's...Aila, damn creative! Glad to be a follower of your blog :)

A guilty conscience said...

hahaha ...nice post...lovefd the humour...i wonder why i haven't thought so...shit what the fuck!!!


woooooo....public entertained..:D

Jitendra Gupta said...

very funny;;
only few blogs are there which have such genuine humour...
you are one of them....
very nice.

muthu said...

haha- that's some good satire.. :D