Thursday, October 20, 2011


Gaddafi is dead. And it deepens this mystery -

Why the fuck all dictators get killed while hiding in some drain or hole? Saadam was killed in same Gaddafi. Fuckin rats all.

Anyhows, the point of the post is the reaction of our "celebrities'" / famous people Gaddafi's death. So.....Have a look:

PM Manmohan Singh:

O baincho ! Thank god, we are a democracy! Otherwise Anna and his supporters would have come marching to 7,Race Course Road with guns!!

Shah Rukh Khan:

Cool! Now I can add to Ra.1 promotion OVERKILL by launching this new shit::

Digvijay Singh

Am sure its RSS Conspiracy! And am sure, I spotted Arvind Kejriwal somewhere near Gaddafi's dead body. Hes also involved! Team Anna is corrupt.. RSS is corrupt... all are corrupt. Except Rahul baba.

Rahul Gandhi

Hmm. Wonder whats Mummy's take on this.

L. K. Advani

I shall launch a new "Libya Chalo" yatra.

Rakhi Sawant

I was toh thinking of marrying Gaddafi after Ramdev refused me . SHIT! :( :( .

Sachin Tendulkar

Aila !

Chetan Bhagat

I shall write another idiotic, brainless, pseudo-intellectual romantic shit involving Gaddafi and his buxom female bodyguards!

A. Raja

What the bhen? He should have fleed to our jails! Would have been much safer here no?


I agree with Raja !!


I agree with both of them !!

And finally....the biggest celebrity... Me!


What the fuck is goin on???

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Warning : Emotional Post. Not to be read w/o handkerchiefs.

[ The concluding parts to the previous post 'So I died for a day' will continue later.]


Before any dumbass feminist sues me, let me be clear that this post is NOT about some manipulative girl or something.. its about an actual bitch.

The one reason I have always liked dogs and cats (esp cats) is that they are much better than stupid and manipulative humans. A dog will never bitch (pun intended) about you to other dogs. Plus if you show love, they will love you back no matter what. On the other hand, humans love to hurt those very people who care about them the most.

Anyways, lets not get too preachy or weepy. This post is not about that.

It was some 12 years ago that I first noticed a small bitch sitting outside my home. She was looking hungry so I gave her some milk. And since then, the 'cycle' formed. She started living in our block only. Every night when I used to come back from my walk, she used to dutifully follow me for her daily "milk treat".

I got admission into engineering and then MBA and used to be away from home for long periods. But even in my absence, her love (if I can call it that) never subsided. She used to show her 'happiness' (like dogs usually do, by jumping like maniacs and all - I always found it a little irritating but liked) and follow me for the treat.

I never named her although one of my friends had suggested "Balwant Rai" (Remember Sunny Paaji's famous kickass dialogue in Ghayal - Balwant Rai ke kutto?). I liked it but let that pass.

Since I suck at/ dont like showing emotions, I didnt use to play with her or "talk" to her in that irritating way like some dog owners do (they get on my nerves!!) but I always felt nice to see her. There have been many days when she was the only bright spot of the whole lame-ass day.

But it was all over last night. She is no more now. When I learnt that, I didnt know how to react. I wont/cant write a lame emo paragraph describing how I felt but I will just say that I had to write this post - as a tribute to a nameless friend of 12 years.