Friday, September 16, 2011


( Disclaimer: Only intended to be funny. Stereotypes etc .. though intentional .. are not here to hurt someone. Its just something called.. free speech. Also, there are bad illustrations and bad editing done in MS-Paint but hey.. I OWN THIS BLOG. So, read. )

Well, twitter is abuzz with "Madrasan's" rather racist blogpost:

.. and also its 'response' by a Delhi dude


What few people know, however, is that Madrasan's blogpost infuriated some real badasses and they plotted an evil plan to set her right. Let me tell you folks.. the plan was executed successfully and Madrasan is non-racist, simple girl yet again.

Heres how the badass & kickass 'evil' plan unfolded::

A day after writin the now-famous racist post, 'M' was relaxing at her house

Little did she know that some people were so infuriated that they decided to take cold revenge instead of merely blogging against her

They were none-other than -

Their plan was simple YET evil.

As 'M' was about to finish her idli-dosa lunch, she was kidnapped and taken to a secret cinema hall.

Why cinema hall, you might ask?

For treating her to 15 hour non-stop SUNNY DEOL MOVIES !



After 15 hours of this ---



And so, Punjabi SWAT saved the day again. In the words of their leader supreme:


Alls well.. that fuckin ends well.


Red Handed said...

Pure LOL....balwant rai ke kutton...pwahhahahah

abhilasha said...

really!!!.. alls well that ends welll....

Snow Leopard said...

Hahaha.....Sunny Paaji is God

D2 said...

The big haath of Sunny Ji can do its wonders when he wishes to make a supposedly good movie. The poor Madrasan didn't know what she brought on to her. She got herself terrorized. Who did she think she was, Eric Cartman?
Nah, the Madrasan should now watch Tees maar khan without popcorn and without being allowed to fall asleep. :D

Awesome, Mayank.

Alka Gurha said...

Ultimate panju dhai kilo ka haath maara ....

subtlescribbler said...

LOL..I might just fall off my chair now :P

exactlyyyy..Sunil Doel comes to the rescue after the stupid stereotyping ;)


DelhiBoy Only said...

this is too lol yaar.. good writing also

Suruchi said...

lol-that's almost as entertaining as the two posts mentioned by you:-)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

OMG, the good old Samaritans with their series of hitting flops have come to save the day.
Bow to thee!!
But you just added a few more reads to her cup of morning tea, or whatever she likes to have in the morning.

He he, nice read.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Sameera said...

Loved it to the core.
A regular reader... Went through the girl's blog.. Seems like she is suffering from constipation due to the simple carving of attention.

Sakshi said...

I think this is the BEST plan that I have EVER heard...!!!


@RH .. thanks.

@Abhilasha .. Truly!

@SL , D2 .. U bet! Sunny Paaji rocks. In a south park reference, Madrasan is just 'Butters' while Sunny paaji is Eric Cartman.



@Alka , DelhiBoy , Subtlescribbler, Suruchi

Thanks :)


@BA .. Thanks. And No worries. Sunny paaji's 2.5 kilo hand will surely break her delicate tea-cup.

@Sameera .. Truly!

@Sakshi .. Thanks :)

Ana_treek said...

Lol..Poor thing!..maybe next time, they should make her watch Bobby Deol's pics..she'll stop blogging altogether :P