Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Ours is a nation of marriages. As soon as neighborhood's douchebag uncles & aunties notice a young, marriageable dude / chick; they arm themselves with details of "eligible lifepartners" and start thinking when the fuck should they pounce on the poor guy/girl.

But, do they really know what marriage should be and is all about?

Well, have no fear as Disgruntled Genius is here with simple criteria - the most important ones though - on which EVERY marriage should be based. Otherwise its all junk.

Firstly, Marriage is NOT about -

  1. Sex
  2. Kickass rich guy / chick
  3. Relatives
  4. Good family
  5. Groom has kickass Family business / Bride's father wants a heir for his kickass business
  6. Age
  7. Kids
  8. Settling in life
  9. Papa ke friend ki beti / beta




Its ONLY about -

  1. Whether the guy / chick is compatible with you - in levels of demented-ness i.e. whether they are as mad and crazy as you?
  2. Whether you see them as a companion for life (esp in moments when you know you'll be at your weakest) - ultimately this is what we marry for.
  3. Whether they FULLY understand what you want and why you want it?
  4. Doesnt matter if they are perfect for the damn world.. are they perfect for you.. SPECIFICALLY?
  5. Whether they are able to respect your smallest of achievements or not?
Everything else is hogwash.

So, the next time some uncle or aunty comes to your home with details of "eligible morons" , ask them these questions and gladly watch them run away cursing you.


This post was a part of DG's Social responsibility towards ending the terror regime of these marriage expert uncles & aunties.



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Enchanta said...

Thanks for the hands-on information. I gladly believe its from experience.

Any uncles and aunties you wish that I send in this link to?
Always ready to help! :P

Aqua Guy said...

Wisely said my friend!
Society (a.k.a marriage crap burdoned ppl) owes you a big thank You! :D

Alka Gurha said...

So much gyan...I learnt a thing or two after 23 yrs of married life.

pavani reddy said...

nice post...

Red Handed said...

Marriage the funny institution made by the society...forced!!
this was awesome to read!

Suruchi said...

wow..that's a super innovative list-and to think you know it even without getting married-wow again!:-)

Nikita said...

Oh !! I can see someone is sooo sooo annoyed...

D2 said...

Absolutely. The aunties and uncles should be distributed pamphlets with your list and they should learn them up by heart since they wouldn't understand the reasons anyway! Nice one, DG.

abhilasha said...

still not decoded... cannot be rather.. but keep trying...
its jinxed..


@Enchanta You can send to every uncle / aunty .. and watch their faces while they read it :)

@Aquaguy Thanks dude.. Just a part of my social duty ;)

@Pavani , RH .. thanks.



Thanks. The list is practical.. limits options though. But in the end, its ok. Helps filtering out the wrong "eligible morons" :)


Am always annoyed - 'Disgruntled' Genius :) . Now, I hope to annoy those aunties & uncles by making them read my post.

@D2 .. thanks :)


subtlescribbler said...

awesome...specially the points on 'what marriage is ACTUALLY about..but in India its a complete family affair more then anything else so drifting from it is a very tuff dare u see! :)


Sonia said...

In two words, "I AGREE"

Well, I swear I wanted to write a similar blog.. I was thinking bout the same, n almost the same points.. When I read it, I felt someone is speaking out what I have in my mind..
I hate the complete concept of arranged marriages.. it seems impractical and baseless..

Now I won't be able to write it :(
nevertheless.. maine likha hota toh pata nahi kitna lengthy hota, this was "to the point" ... BANG ON TARGET !! :D

Your best blog ever ! I've shared it already.. n goes without saying.. absolutely loved it..

It feels great to see that there exist some people who have brains and think practically, have their own perspective, and are not influenced by the society..
above all, its awesome to see people with similar thoughts!

keep writing such stuff !

Sonia said...

The title of my version was " The Great Indian Wedding"

I mean, I really don't like the idea of spending lakhs n crores for a wedding too..

n yeah.. you won't believe it.. the reason was.."the aunties" day dreaming of their sons getting married all the time..

It might be lengthier given that i have a bad habit of getting into details for every damn thing..

Can i just complete n post it? Its there among my drafts..Will share yours as a similar post..I'll be waiting for your approval :)

rashi said...

The "DG Gyan" is in full form :D
and if I assume correctly, the "inspiration" comes from some recent events... ;) which is quite beautifully utilised.. :)



Thanks :) ... I have a 24X7 disgruntled relationship with these aunties and society in general. Good to know you feel the same way about the rationale behind marriages.

I would urge you to write your posts. Would love to read those. And yes, you can share my post :)




Dhanyavaad. For the comment.. and the 'inspiration' ;)


Sakshi said...

I am a very wedding person! Ask the bf.. his biggest nightmare is when he has to endure the entire plethora of my "Oh, I want this at the wedding.. no that at the wedding.."
Yes, I think way way ahead of me!
What? I planned my parents 25th Anniversary, for like 5 years. :D

But on a serious note, the concept of arranged marriages was popular in our country because, for the longest time, there was no pre-marriage contact between the boys and the girls. Both of them did not understand the term 'Life-Partner' or 'love' etc. It was, and today still is the union of families apart from the union of the partners.
Yes, in the olden times, when the swyamwar used to happen, the girl was allowed to choose from the many that were lined for her. But here also, the father of the bride, normally had some sort of a test for the groom, so that apart from the fact that the groom belonged to the right family, he is also suitable in terms of maybe say strength... or intelligence.

What the society really has forgotten, is the fact that, the world has moved on. That both girls and boys meet each other and are exposed to each other. And, the choice of whether they trust their parents over their own choice should be completely left to them.

And, compatibility, is built. NO one, mind you is born compatible, with another person, be it your parents, your siblings or even your partner. The thing with parents, siblings is that, despite all the thought, nature clashes you have no choice but to stick to them. Whereas, with your bf/gf.. you have choice to move on.
Marriage, just adds that extra bit of responsibility, thus, when you feel that you are gonna get out of one, you are made to think, re-think... over and over again.

Great post! I should actually write a post on all of this too.. But I think I have written about it!