Sunday, September 18, 2011


'Unplanned' events turn out to be more awesome'
- Disgruntled Genius

Sometimes, what we dont plan actually trumps a planned outing in both - freakiness & awesomeness levels. And tonight was one such freak show on display. Infact, it was a collection of such amazing situations that merit their own blogpost.

Well, the initial situation was pretty normal. Me & one of my best friends (lets call her RB) decided to meet up over dinner today. So, I called up a rest. and booked a slot for 8 PM. Normal so far, you may say? Now..the freak show begins!

8 PM , JNU Campus

I met RB at 8 PM and she noticed we were both dressed in black - in other words.. the "Matrix dinner". Well, we were actually supposed to reach by 8 but hey! We are true Indians! We are allowed to be late. So, we were.

8.35 PM, Kasturba Gandhi Marg , Cannaught Place (CP).

We reach the rest. - Parikrama (revolving rest. atop a skyscraper). By this time, my stomach was already conjuring up images of Palak Paneer and Butter Naan. Anyhow, we reached the reception area and I told the guy that we have a reservation.

About that guy btw - Typical Eastern UP fellow. Possible wife-beater. Definitely, always roaming around with "Fuck everyone" expression.

He told us that the rest. doesnt 'take' reservations. When I told him that - I HAVE BOOKED A DAMN SLOT - he (wanted to shoot me but didnt) told me that we'll have to wait. Seeing that arguing with him will be as futile as telling Rakhi Sawant to wear full clothes, we decided to drop anchor and just wait.

By this time the reception area was full of other guests. That **Eastern UP, wife-beater** guy was receiving continuous calls and he was responding to all with the same fuckin irritating line - "Haan Sir. Pehle do hain. Fir 3+1. Fir 4. Fir 5 aur 6."

By this time, I wanted to insert a ruler up his ass.

9.05 PM - Parikrama Rest.

Finally, the moment arrived. Our names were called. We got up, looking at everyone else smugly, with an expression "Guess we are the chosen ones eh!".

9.09 PM , Parikrama

Frankly, the view of Delhi from top was absolutely stunning. But everything else in the rest. - wasnt! We were thinking it'll be a conducive dinner ambiance but it turned out to be a family box instead! Families.. noisy, chirpy, with kids .. families!

Anyhow, we were escorted to our seat which was next to .. yeah, a loud Punjabi family of 7 members - Aunties, Papaji and kids. Shouting.

And that was the time when RB uttered those magical words - "Lets get the fuck out of here man!". And we did - Had a glass of water and scrammed.

9.20 PM, Parking

Back to the parking. We decided to try Rajdhani - which was also crowded as hell (seemed like whole Delhi was eating out this Sat).

We finally decided to try 'Veda' - undoubtedly kickass rest. and designed by Rohit Bal. Now, because its so kickass, the waiting time was fuckin 30-45 minutes.

9.40 PM, Driving around CP

That was when we decided to junk the classy, pricey rests. and go to Bengali foods instead. By now, We were in full mood to eat the oily & spicy chole bhature and aloo parathas - in other words, classic amazin Indian food!

9.55 PM , Bengali foods, Bhagat Singh Market

Man! Amazing aloo parathas with curd, chole bhature and a nice blueberry pastry!

One thing I wanna tell those pricey, classy rests. - BEAT THAT!

10.10 PM , Same place

Some infuriated chick (her order was wrongly delivered) pushed RB. We thought of taking revenge but well... plans shelved.

10.25 PM, Costa Cafe, Tansen Marg

Closed! Fuckin cafe!

10.40 PM , Barista , Parliament Street

Open! Good cafe!

The hazelnut mocha (RB's soulmate) & green apple iced tea - amazing.

11.10 PM

Back to JNU Campus thinking - "Jaana tha Japan, pahuch gae Cheen! Damn!"


This is how the events unfolded. Planned things went haywire. And a realization struck me -

'Unplanned' events turn out to be more awesome'

All we did was rest. hopping but it was worth it! And I think RB would agree to this - 'Normal people lead boring, planned lives. We aint normal. No wonder our lives are interestingly and amazingly .. freaky.'

Cheers .................


Niyati Gupta said...

You have an amazin sense of story-tellin.. Mast post !

Suruchi said...

sounds like fun-random n clueless is sometimes the best way to be-in our everyday and in life...

and you made me hungry at 8 am now?:/

rashi said...

As i can see Mr.DG made an excellent scoop out of last evening's happenings.. But I am definitely not complaining.. :D
Although i think the "Classy Black Matrix couple" turning into a "We-care-a-damn Couple" deserved a teenie-meenie mention.. :P

Ana_treek said...

It reminded me of a trip i went to in was totally nuts..maybe ill blog about it sometime

abhilasha said...

this sounds like so much fun!!!.. next time u plan for weekends.. try saket malls... for some weary reasons the restaurants r not that crowded..

Vagabond said...

Delhi ke Bengali foods me chole bhature aur aloo parathe milte hain?


@Niyati - Thanx.

@Suruchi - I hope you had a nice sunday brunch after readin the post :)


@Rashi - Dhanyavaad :) . Abt the classy 'matrix couple' - their awesomeness cant be described in a mere blogpost :)


@Anna - You should. Freak adventures are the ones tht make life interesting.

@Abhilasha - Will try, thanks :)

@VB - Yup. Everything that you can ask for.

D2 said...

You should go out with no agenda at all next time. See where that leads you. The first question you should ask RB when you meet next should be, "So, what next?" and let the freakshow begin from then on! :P

And what kind of 'Bengali Foods' is that where you get chole bature and aloo parantha? :O



Actually, 'what plans' is our fav ques always. A complete agenda-less meeting wl b good .. although, having an agenda and then goin against that is more fun :)

And yes..bengali foods offer all that. As shkspeare said - 'whats in a name?' .


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

I'll borrow words from a movie,
"You were not acting without a plan, but you were on a 'no-plan' plan".

Simple, who said planning is boring, when you can have a no-plan plan.

Blasphemous Aesthete



Interesting observation / words.

In the end, Planning.. even a 'no-plan' plan.. becomes boring when it becomes bigger than the person(s) involved. Till time that is avoided, life has the potential to be interesting :)


Arjit Srivastava said...

Seriously, what's the point of making a plan, when it isn't going to work, in most of the cases? Interesting post, anyway.