Monday, June 6, 2011


For starters, I am also 26 and a part of the huge youth brigade of this country. Probably, thats why this question haunts me so much - that our youth are really aware and intelligent or are gullible, ignorant fucks?

Considering the facts -

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So many "youngsters" turned up to support Anna Hazare. But most of them didnt know a shit about Jan Lokpal Bill. Thats why no-one is protesting / saying anything now when it is clear that the Govt. is trying to dodge Anna and Co. ? Anna himself has said this. Thats why he and others are boycotting the future meetings of JLP Bill Drafting Committee till Govt. doesnt leave its rhetoric that they wont include PM, MPs and judiciary in Lokpal.

On PM, I can let go.. but MPs? The most corrupt of them all? They should be included come what may !

So many of us youngsters- especially girls - go crazy over Rahul Gandhi. I have heard / seen so many Girls (dumb, i may add) shouting that RG is their youth icon because hes "cho cuute!". Gimme a fuckin break!

Where the hell is RG now when his Govt is attacking democracy? Why does he support a pseudo-secular anti-nationalist like Digvijaya Singh? Why is he silent over Kashmiri Pandits? Why doesnt he ever speak at length on major issues like corruption?

So, why is he our "next PM / youth icon?"

Channel V, Bindass etc dish out brain-dead, idiotic & abusive shows - all in the name of "the youth likes it."

Movies portray youth as "cool, brainless" fucks who only know about facebook, CCD & Dominos. Karan Johar - are you listening? Are they right or the youth is far from it? Do they resemble Karan Johar-ish retards or Rang De Basanti-ish revolutionaries?

Will the real youth please stand up .. Stand up for their beloved country?

Will they? Or will they shrug and move on to discuss "important" things like who will win this years' Roadies?

May be thats the major difference between the youth of Egypt, Libya etc and the youth of India. The revolutions in those countries were led by youth who knew what they were doing and what they wanted to achieve - a better nation. But here? Well.... revolutions like those of Anna - its "cool / fashionable" to take part in those and forget. Ultimately.. nothing changes, right?


I Hope ................................................


Deepika said...

The bitter truth.. to say the least.

Red Handed said...

Even if the entire Indian population goes on Hunger strike i dont think anything good will happen....i am not being a pessimist but thats how our system works.

Alka Gurha said...

They want the PM under the purview because at times he holds various ministries and can protect corrupt ministries.
By and large youth are informed but when I see contestants on Roadies, Channel V etc i feel sad at the level of information and awareness. Most are dumbos and bimbos.

Nikita said...

Things would change in our India too...

Hoping for the best !!!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

And I can only smirk at the hypocrisy of the Indians that while they want that the government officials and other people on whom they might be dependent for some work to be done should fall under the Lokpal and corruption, they won't mind if a relative officer gets their file from bottom to top without asking for favour.
No shopkeeper would keep the prices optimum and would still strive to maximize profit. And customers will still continue to haggle to strike the right deal, discontent and having full faith in the fact that the dealer will always over quote prices.
Corruption is, and will remain and yet, we are just small thieves, let us thrive. The bigger fish should get the limelight.


@Deepika - Sadly, yes.

@RH - If we all decide to minimize (not saying, end) that corruption in which we personally indulge in.. things will change.


@Alka - Those shows make me cringe! If thats our youth, Lord save us !

@Nikku - Hope so !


@Blasphemous - Indians are the most hypocrite of all... in every issue possible. Corruption etc. Another prime eg is racism. While fairness creams' ads thrive here, we denounce racism in Australia etc.

Mayank said...

Valid questions my friend. While i consider myself to be an optimist, I must admit, we (not just youth) are not made of stuff that stands for itself or drive change. The only big civil movement this country saw in modern era was the fight for independence. An issue which cut across the diversity and united us. Even that was driven by leader unparrallel and the sad truth is that with lack of strong leadership, we can only live in hope and pray.

Nidaa C said...

I am sure you must have read this. If not,


Vilander said...

I am not exactly from 'youth' brigade, (hate that term because of its perennial misuse by our political party babu's and their sons) but what i feel the younger itchier generation should do inorder to get a representation in the movement against the ongoing systematic societal and political suicide of our beloved country is to be part of a electoral vote bank. Vote Bank >> then some leader >> then some party >> then some checks on corruption >> then some more vote bank >> then power >> then some mroe checks on corruption>> the cycle must continue..we need a revolution.


@Vilander .. Well put ..

Reshma said...

Your comparision of the youth of with Western Asian countries is ridiculous. While we bitterly need changes in the administrative regime of our country, perhaps by cutting red tapism, the fundamental tenets of governance are sound. The constitution has excellent checks and balances and has provided to us a very stable (albiet corrupt) government. Frankly, I am against Anna's "revolution" too. Super cops make me uneasy - absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Our system is horrible because the blood suckers we elect are horrible, and that our political parties have yet to emerge from the mai-baap complex of toadying and dynastic succession.

Rather than a revolution what is needed is the organisation of well-meaning, educated, bright, pragmatic young people into a political party of their own to provide an alternative to the current parasites in power.

But do we have the guts? The anonymity that a designated leader such as Anna brings allows us to remain "safe" and distance ourselves from the dirt of politics. Mob mentality is easier.

Your posts are rants. Would appreciate a more rounded analysis. Funny though.

I think you confuse corruption with profit making. If I were a business man I would try to get maximum returns for my investments. Trying to control prices artifically would just give way to black marketeering like in the pre-liberalising era. Let market forces prevail! There is nothing wrong for either a customer or a seller to want a good deal.

The whole point of getting a Lokpal is so that one wouldn't need to have a relative in the office to fascillitate file transfers.

There is nothing hypocritical in making relations help. Merely something very sad. Their help ensures Babus lower down do their jobs! There is however something criminal in asking them to misuse their powers in one's favour.



Ofcourse its a rant. And why cant a rant be logical? Perhaps, you havent got the gist of the post. Its about the intelligence of our youth. Period. And frankly, i dont see any brightness in that.

Ajinkya said...

awsome man true to every fuckin word.....

Ajinkya said...

awesomely said man..

Ajinkya said...

awsome man true to every fuckin word.....