Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Alright. Facebook and many of its dimwit users are at it again - Destroying intelligence as we know it!

The latest special FB "special" status message goes something like this:

When I was a Kid, I did not have a Xbox or a Wii. I had a cycle,a cricket bat, I played with my friends OUTSIDE, not ONLINE. My mother did not call me on my cell phone, she just yelled my name out of the window. Post this on your wall if you have drunk water out of the tap, come home with scraped hands & knees after climbing walls & trees,played 'Hide & Seek' and playing in the rain:-)I miss those days. :(

Let me get this. You are sad, depressed etc etc because you miss your days of outside fun. And yet, you are here.. inside.. posting this shit on FB. Can stupidity & hypocrisy reach any higher? Even Uday Chopra has learnt to be sensible and has decided to quit acting. But these people?

Also, all those silly 'cryptic' status messages.. whats with those?

Isnt it funny as hell when people write cryptic status messages like - "It finally happened!" or "A new beginning" etc? When you ask them what the hell does it mean or why have you written this James Bond type message, they say that its only for some special people to understand. Really douchebags? And you write this on a public forum? Do you think we are in some 'Mission Impossible' movie where you write this "code" for some secret agent to decipher?

I pray to God for some sanity !

Amen !


Cheers.................................... HIC !


Red Handed said...

Lol....i hate those ''if you post this as your status, a fat kid in Uganda will get extra cheese filled burger'' statuses!s, a fat kid in Uganda will get extra cheese filled burger'' statuses!

Sonia said...

You know what !!
I wanted to write a similar post too!

not coz of these status updates.. but coz of people who take fb as a medium to escape and vent out !!

Unfortunately, I know some ppl, some losers for that matter, who don't reply to messages for they wish to spend some time alone, but they spend hours n hours on fb n its apps n quizzes.. I actually deactivated my account coz i was bored of it !!

wish these fb addicts get a life n realize that there exists a REAL WORLD too !!

Ria said...

Awesome Rant ! Loved it .

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

When that update flashes on my FB wall, I could just hit my face on the forehead and then drag it all the way down to my mouth where a few nail bites trim down the anger and I easily press that Favourite X mark :)

Blasphemous Aesthete

Arjit Srivastava said...

You know, you are always going to find such dimwits somewhere or the other. And then again, Facebook does give you an option to back out from this stupidity, and bring some sanity in your life: Deactivate.


@RH - Such status-es are always mind-numbing !

@Sonia - Exactly. Agreed totally.


@Ria - Thnx

@Blasphemous - Well put:)


@Arjit - Wont say deactivate but yes , "Trimming" the "friend" list always helps !

Ana_treek said...

What about those "its national sisters/brothers/old neighbour who is a pervert etc etc week"..make them stop!


@Ana - Loved the last one - pervert old nghbr ;) . Reminded me of 'Family Guy'.

Abt days.. we have so many. What we need is a "No day today" day.

Deepika said...

somethings that goes though my mind whenever i log on fb.. yes, hypocrisy cannot reach any higher.

The Blue Periwinkle said...

hahahah! :))
I am tired of those kids of updates..!!
Deleted my FB! :|

Maitreyee Bhattacharjee Chowdhury said...

Am so tired of theses stupid posts too!! phew you said it...Good one

Arpit Rastogi said...

Fun Read! :)

aditi rastogi said...

from orkut to FB, u ll find such morons all over!
And to top it all, the brilliant grammar usage that makes you feel like posting a link of wren and martin!:P

Sanimagus said...

Original content is never appreciated on facebook but copy-pasted cliched love messages attract tonnes of likes and comments. And there are these modern day babas handing out unsolicited advises like free candy. Deactivated.

mensajes claro said...

Awesome Rant ! Loved it .