Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Writing after a hell lot of days! There were many issues since past few days which still havent gotten solved but well.. to hell with them! I just hope people still read WTF Is Goin On? Atleast more than 2.

Anyhows ... past 2-3 days have been full of "Osama-mania". While US is justified in celebrations, I dont understand why the fuck are we getting so elated? Especially our dumb media? No news channel is bloody analysing the pros and cons of it but showing stupid programs such as "Osama's stars" (IBN7) , Osama's family profile (Star News), "Re-creation" of how Obama watched Osama-hunt LIVE (star news) etc. Bloody crap!

And this one takes the cake -

good work.jpg

Need I say more about our news channels?

But well, leaving everything aside; I have a very sneaky feeling that Osama killing is bad news for India. Its entirely possible that its a Pak-USA 'game' which India is not reading (Actually, it can read but our diplomats etc are so dumb that they will overlook the facts. You see, we arent Israel).

Look at these facts:

1 >>> CIA says it was keeping a watch on Osama since 10 months. And they decide to kill him now? The day after Obama launched his re-election campaign? Naiiice ! Obama wanted some "big news" to up his dwindling popularity. That has now happened. His approval ratings in US shot above 50% from 35% in 2 days.

2>>> It ISNOT possible that no-one in Pak knew of Osama's hideout. They all did and they all told the US. It isnt the work of US intelligence agencies alone as being claimed. ISI is also involved. But Pak is silent about it.

3>>> Osama is a mere pawn. Coz of US forces' presence in Afghanistan, Pak (& Taliban) are not able to get free hold of the country again. They want US to leave Afghanistan. And that can only happen if US has some "concrete result" to show for Afghan war. So, the deal was struck. Pak "gives" Osama to America. US forces exit Afghan. Pak get hold of Afghanistan again.

4>>> You may ask now that wont it bother US if Pak & Taliban forces again get a free run in Afghan? Answer is NO. USA sees only its self-interest .. that has now been served. Osama is dead.

So, now ... its anybody's guess what will happen if Afghanistan falls prey to Pak-Taliban forces again. They will get a free hold in conducting 'jehad' against India. Same thing happened in 1990s when militancy had just started. As soon as USSR left Afghanistan, Pak-Taliban established their foothold and we all know what happened.

I just hope that its just my speculation. And if its not, I hope India reads this game and prepares itself for every eventuality - even for a war against Pakistan, if anti-India sentiment escalates.

But.... ( and its a very big BUT - pun unintended) will India be clever this time and shun its general stupidity?



pavani reddy said...

good post..

Deepika said...

Yes, maybe it is the game. And history might repeat itself...
US had became alert against terrorism and osama particularly after 9/11...
And pakistan too had come under lil hold after US intervened in the 'matters'.. Par india ka to kahin kuch ni hua. Pakistan free again- india in more danger.

subtlescribbler said...

the world politics fascinates me beyond words at times! And India is d dumbest country...i dont understand y d hell these ppl fight on such petty issues wen there is so much more going on in their vicinity!
anyhow, d whole Osama death thing is not how as it seems..lets keep our fingers crossed!


Mayank said...

i feel that a very simplified view, the geopolitical issues are far more complex than pak deals with us, pak - taliban get together and us leaves.

my take is US will stick around though they will do some symbolic announcement. they need reason to be around in this part... why will they not!


@Pavani .. thanx :)

@Sarah .. keeping fingers crossed indeed. Many conspiracy theories doing the rounds .

@Mayank .. I think US has presence thru many army/naval bases in this region. They want to get out of Afghan. coz their war is over. They are indulgin in 'good taliban' rhetoric since long anyways.



@Nikita , Blasphemous Aesthete

Sorry guys but due to some tech prob, your comments got deleted.

Appreciate your readin and liking the post. Thanks.


Alka Gurha said...

Where did u get the pic?

Agree that it is a game for a respectable exit for US from Af. Bush killed Saddam and now Obama killed Osama to breathe for another 5 yrs.


@Alka ..

Got it in a mail forward . And at this rate, I wonder whether US presidents need such 'enemies' to survive politically?

.. Did i hear Gaddafi's name next ?

vineet said...

dude, i agree wit u n unfortunately i feel that india wil shun itself frm ny war kinda force fr sure, no reason fr us to celebrate, pak n taliban wil contine d same way as they knw dat india int gonna do nythn

Nidaa C. said...

LOL! Read this a week back. And now?

Anonymous said...

@DG: To answer your question, go watch "Why We Fight", its about the military-industrial complex here in America, but there's stuff about how all presidents since Eisenhower have either started or been in conflicts globally. It's on google videos.