Thursday, May 26, 2011


I will never understand why the hell people cant mind their own business? And I never expected such crap from someone like Ratan Tata (RT). As we all know that he has recently commented upon Mukesh Ambani in his interview. RT has said that he cant fathom how can Ambani live in a multi-million $ house while so many poor people live in slums and on roads.

Big crap. This is what socialism does. A person isnot judged on his ability to create wealth by using his brain and business skills but on how he “gives back” to the society. Those who have read Ayn Rand will understand how socialism actually ends up making people poorer. Erstwhile USSR and our own country (pre-1991) is a testimony to this fact. But that’s not the topic here (I wrote on ‘Socialism’ earlier on my blog- ( The topic is Ratan Tata’s comments.

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Frankly, I don’t think someone like RT - who ‘overlooked’ the fact that Narendra Modi is often blamed for genocide of Muslims and established his Nano plant near Ahmedabad – should ask others to be holier than thou. Moreover, Ambani is free to spend his money the way he chooses to. He may build a multi-million $ house for himself or donate all of his money for charity – but that should be HIS choice; not society’s. To judge him on society’s moral codes is plain illogical and a big BS.

Its often said that poor people are kept poor because they are nothing more than votebanks for our “socialist” leaders. This reflects in our statistics:

  • · India has one of the largest no. of poor people in the world
  • · On some parameters, we are worse than some of the poorest African countries
  • · Millions die hungry while so much grain rots for lack of storage space
  • · Govts show no inclination towards increasing literacy rate etc

We all are seeing what happened in Singur when a communist govt. tried to acquire land forcibly w/o adequate compensation. Same thing is happening in UP nowadays.

Its not because of capitalism that people are exploited. Its because of the opposite. If some industrialist does ‘oppress’ workers (rarely nowadays), its his fault, not the system’s ; just as when terrorists strike, we don’t blame the whole religion(s).

I have often observed that most poor people aren’t really envious of or critical of rich ones. Its only those who think that its others’ duty to provide for them, to feed them. A prime example? Quota system. Instead of making an effort to genuinely uplift the oppressed people, govt doles out these quotas and further divides an already divided society. Moreover, its the "creamy layer" -the well-off people - who take advantage of these quotas and not the really deserving ones.

I disagree completely with Mr RT. In a logical society, everyone is free to live his life - his way. Only when there is no silly moral obligation to "give back to the society", people will indulge in these causes WILLINGLY. An example is UNICEF. They never ask people to donate out of "duty". They ask people to visit their website and give if they like. Not only that, they give you a full report on how your money was spent. Thats why I like and give to UNICEF. But I am totally against comments by Mr RT which are rooted in socialistic beliefs. Ambani's companies generate so much employment and wealth for millions. Hes already fulfilling his 'moral obligation'. To castigate him for that - is plain BS.


Cheers .........

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


As we all know that Mamata Bannerjee will take oath as the next CM of West Bengal tomorrow and she will resign as railway minister the same day.

Can you guess what this news means to different people / entities ? Lets take a look -



But, can you guess the happiest one? Its the ONE and ONLY ::


Long live Indian Railways - the entity which carries the burden of :

  1. Insensitive (many a times, inefficient ministers)
  2. Millions of uncaring & ungrateful citizens of the country
  3. Thousands of stupid assholes who block rail tracks on some pretext or the other.
I hope things change for the better !


{highly optimist} Cheers !!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Writing after a hell lot of days! There were many issues since past few days which still havent gotten solved but well.. to hell with them! I just hope people still read WTF Is Goin On? Atleast more than 2.

Anyhows ... past 2-3 days have been full of "Osama-mania". While US is justified in celebrations, I dont understand why the fuck are we getting so elated? Especially our dumb media? No news channel is bloody analysing the pros and cons of it but showing stupid programs such as "Osama's stars" (IBN7) , Osama's family profile (Star News), "Re-creation" of how Obama watched Osama-hunt LIVE (star news) etc. Bloody crap!

And this one takes the cake -

good work.jpg

Need I say more about our news channels?

But well, leaving everything aside; I have a very sneaky feeling that Osama killing is bad news for India. Its entirely possible that its a Pak-USA 'game' which India is not reading (Actually, it can read but our diplomats etc are so dumb that they will overlook the facts. You see, we arent Israel).

Look at these facts:

1 >>> CIA says it was keeping a watch on Osama since 10 months. And they decide to kill him now? The day after Obama launched his re-election campaign? Naiiice ! Obama wanted some "big news" to up his dwindling popularity. That has now happened. His approval ratings in US shot above 50% from 35% in 2 days.

2>>> It ISNOT possible that no-one in Pak knew of Osama's hideout. They all did and they all told the US. It isnt the work of US intelligence agencies alone as being claimed. ISI is also involved. But Pak is silent about it.

3>>> Osama is a mere pawn. Coz of US forces' presence in Afghanistan, Pak (& Taliban) are not able to get free hold of the country again. They want US to leave Afghanistan. And that can only happen if US has some "concrete result" to show for Afghan war. So, the deal was struck. Pak "gives" Osama to America. US forces exit Afghan. Pak get hold of Afghanistan again.

4>>> You may ask now that wont it bother US if Pak & Taliban forces again get a free run in Afghan? Answer is NO. USA sees only its self-interest .. that has now been served. Osama is dead.

So, now ... its anybody's guess what will happen if Afghanistan falls prey to Pak-Taliban forces again. They will get a free hold in conducting 'jehad' against India. Same thing happened in 1990s when militancy had just started. As soon as USSR left Afghanistan, Pak-Taliban established their foothold and we all know what happened.

I just hope that its just my speculation. And if its not, I hope India reads this game and prepares itself for every eventuality - even for a war against Pakistan, if anti-India sentiment escalates.

But.... ( and its a very big BUT - pun unintended) will India be clever this time and shun its general stupidity?