Sunday, April 17, 2011


Arent we all insane and mad? We just dont realise it. Some dont even know it because they hide themselves deep inside the masks they wear infront of the world. And most of us are mad about the things that dont matter. If you wanna be mad ... do so for the things that make perfect sense, to self.

Stars & Glitter

If you wanna be mad about the stars, do so for the real ones. They never fade away. The 'stars' here on earth - look 'good' coz they have an army of people behind to help them put on a nice face. Reality is scary. Once the 'make-up' comes off, they are as vulnerable and "non-special" as us .. probably more.


If you wanna be mad about religion, do so for the one that says 'Live & Let live'. All other religions are nothing but crap. They all teach us to remember rituals & forget God. And the thinking "My Religion best, yours suck!" kills more people than natural disasters.


If you wanna be mad in love, do so for someone who matches your insanity & intensity level. It wont work otherwise. If you manage to find someone who feels you are special , especially when you are at your worst , hold on to them. Love "done" coz of looks & lust or coz the other person is "cool" gives nothing but sadness in the end.


If you wanna be mad about the money, be mad about the means you wanna achieve through it. Money is never the end in itself.. its only an end to some mean. And its NEVER the cause of any evil as propagated by some self-styled moronic 'babas'. Evil is only the person him/herself. Focus on the mean, earn that much and be insanely happy.


If you wanna be really mad about some person, let him/her be self. Respect your individuality. Coz everything fades away except that. If you cant love self, you cant love anything / anyone. And if you somehow have some confidence despite not being in love with self .. am sorry to burst your bubble; but thats all fake.


So, you have 100+ friends on Facebook and your status updates (even the crappiest ones) get 60 "likes" and 40 "comments". But ask one question to self - 'How many of these ACTUALLY care about me and will go any lengths in friendship?'. Never be obsessed with the number of friends but with the answer to this question.

Never be obsessed with lust. Sex out of lust gives only a 2 min high. The moment you are done with it, a feeling of emptiness cuts through. If there is no love in sex, its just an activity. The shittiest thing in today's world is that a person's nature and intelligence has no value. He/ she may be stupid as fuck but if they are "cool" and are regularly getting the "action" , they have a high value.

World mostly today has fallen prey to such thoughts ; no wonder, Rakhi Sawant is more popular than Kiran Bedi.

[ Another nice article on this very thing - - From BigFishMag]


There are so many things & topics ... Cant write on all for lack of words. The only thing is 'choose your battles' ; and be ballistic-ally mad about the right ones. All else..doesnt matter.

[ This post is dedicated to someone ... a friend whose insanity inspired this 'mad' post ].


C h e e r s ......................... HIC !


rashi said...

one of ur neutral moods, uh?? ;)
Jokes apart, really liked ur post! :D

Deepika said...

Hmmm.. Priorities and battles need to chosen carefully. Sometimes it's after we achieve it, we realize we never actually wanted it.. Worst feeling of all.

Nikita said...

Loved it !!

Fb wala thing is so trueee......People judge things by all this crap...

But still there are few souls who look above all this...

You would agree Mayank ?


Alka Gurha said...

Very practical and true...unfortunately we live in a world where some people love Ms Sawant more than Ms Bedi.

chatterbox unplugged said...

nice post..have a different view abt the money one....:P

Red Handed said...

Good one Boss! Again.

iriDescent in the hope "It's all good" said...

bang on target..!!..nice work bro..

Mag[m] said...

dude...u best categories the things and describe them... nice effort dude

subtlescribbler said...

well, i agree to some and disagree to some of the pints made. but the background theme of ur post is very soulful and enlightening at the same time, to which most of us i m sure cannot afford to differ :)