Monday, March 14, 2011


I have come across many types & classes of morons but judgmental people take the cake! Now, before anyone label me as same, I will clarify my definition of a 'moron'.

Moron - Someone who is hell bent on proving hes stupid because he totally denounces logic. Not my logic. Not yours. But simple logic. For eg - Those "experts" who have scored only 500 runs in their careers but still ask Sachin to retire coz he didnt score in one game.

- D.G.

Back to the post. Well, if religious fanatics proclaim "My religion best. Yours suck" ; judgmental morons (JMs) proclaim "My ideology best. Yours suck". Most of them are tolerable. The ones that get on my nerves are the ones with 'high up their ass' attitude. Those who claim they dont care about the world or any issue but instantly try to put you down if you say you do.

I have been witness to many of these specimens. A usual conversation goes like this -


JM : I dont give a damn about the world, Man !

Me: Good for you. Well, you know all these blindly-aping-West type reality shows.. score only a 5 in IQ test. I dont like them.

JM: O get over it! Dont you have something better to do? Look at me. It doesnt upset me at all. Why does it upset you? I cant believe you, Man! You get angry like a child!

Me: One more thing is there that bothers me.

JM: What?

Me: Your face & your voice. So, scram you ass !


Look you moron. If you dont care, genuinely - dont do. If you are forever moving around with a halo over your head proclaiming that "I am better than all of you coz - I dont give a shit about the world" .. that shows you are insecure and actually care a lot. For me, the meaning of not caring doesnt involve not bothering about the issues that matter. It rests on a simple formula : The right attitude - I am neither worse nor better than anyone. Why? Coz - I dont care! .


Part 2 of this post coming soon .. this time - it will be the turn of all those 'Rebels' out there.



As an afterthought ..

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Paulami said...

disgruntled, definitely you are. but yes i have to agree how much of "pain in the ass" these buggers are.

Deguide said...

oh my gosh......questioning the Judge or judgement Lolz......good musings

Alka Gurha said...

As usual sarcasm at its best..

some people are just so full of I, me, myself...and there are lots in Delhi.

Nikita said...


Its true somehow when you say you do not care !!!

Waiting for next post...

Arunima said...

aren't you being judgememtal by calling them judgemental? :-)


@All .. thanks :)


@Arunima - Read the first 6 lines of post again :) . Jst calling a spade a spade.

Arunima said...

read it again :-)

Ria said...

totally agree on this one..i just hate hate judgemental ppl!! Wonder which world do they live in!

Red Handed said...

perfect pic to go with the oh-so-perfect post