Thursday, February 10, 2011


Back to blogging after so many days! Lately, been busy with stand up acts and 'Campusghanta' - A no holds barred web-zine designed by like-minded wierdos to 'destroy' stupidity and ofcourse.. entertain. And as an act of blatant promotional campaign- heres the link :

Back to the post now. Seriously, I hate the commercialized shit called V-day from the bottom of every organ and cell of my body. And it gets better! As it turns out, the V-day is not just a day. Its a whole bloody week!

As in -

  • Feb 7 - Rose Day (I will give you one alright.. with thorns to prick you out of stupidity!)
  • Feb 8 - Propose Day ( I propose to count "I hate you from my guts" as a genuine proposal)
  • Feb 9 - Chocolate Day ( I like them so no anti-statement)
  • Feb 10 - Teddy Day ( Seriously, who comes up with all this shit??)
  • Feb 11 - Promise Day (I swear to God I fully support Shiv Sena on this issue!)
  • Feb 12 - Hug Day (A day to hug your intelligence and decide to junk the V-day crap!)
  • Feb 13 - Kiss Day (The only sensible day! Am all game for a little lip-exercise with some hot chick! )



    - A day designed to make companies like Archies, Hallmark and Durex become insanely richer by giving them ample opportunities to harvest general human stupidity and failure to understand that you dont need a crappy day to "celebrate love" . If loves there, it makes every fuckin' day special.

    Anyhow, I have decided to add one more day to this. From now on , I declare FEBRUARY 15th as "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOIN ON!" Day. A very day dedicated to my awesome blog and ofcourse, my frustration regarding the Valentine Day drama.

    Ah! Cant wait for the special day!

    Cheers all.......... Happy WTFIGO Day in advance!



Ankita said...

Dont worry....V-Day is followed by another set of stupid days startin from 15th Feb with Slap Day...and ending on 21st Feb with Break-Up Day...its the work of empty minds who have nothing else to do..insecure from within...trying to find meaning n existence through these stupidities...

nOt anyone you know said...

whatever you call this. being single this time of the year sucks big time. lets just fast forward to feb 15th.

Nikita said...

Cool down !!!

Valentines Day n All..people do not get much time dese days to express love..

so , dis day has been made.

Love is everything !!!

Anonymous said...

Don't get the "Teddy day" either... lol

Alka Gurha said...

True..its only for Archies, flower vendors and Shiv Sena.


@Ankita .. really? didnt knw tht! People do have too much time!

@NAYK : Thats the trick. All the drama is intended to make u feel 'sad' this time of he year. Try treatin it as just another day .. full of a much better crap :)


@Nikku ..

I am not against the concept of V-day. Its just the irritating commercialisation. People start measuring love by the price of the gifts they give / receive. And love is something.. that finds its way even if someone is hell busy :)


@Nehha .. Seriously! Whats next? Stuffed cat day?


@Alka .. true .


Ana_treek said...

Lol..teddy day is the limit!!..wat bout teddy shit day??


@Ana ..

I liked the idea. Teddy shit plus ' teddy strangulation ' day :)

Nave said...

Heheh :D So much aggression!! Who knows may be we are the lucky ones blessed with more days of life and love and happiness around than just one :P

You should discount all of it... Whatever it is.. it atleast brings you back to writing!! :P

subtlescribbler said...

I too am anti and full of resentment for such days. sadly i can't take it out because the 'f' and 's' words too are resented by me. so thnks for taking it out on my behalf :P