Thursday, January 20, 2011


As we know, MNP was launched today. And I realised that I finally have got an ultimate power over these telecom companies. For so long, these guys have screwed me. Atleast now, I have the chance to get back at them.

Now there were several things that - I thought wont ever happen in my lifetime - happened! Like MTNL (worst service providers) launching new amazing offers and promising the users- a better service. Seriously, this is called comedy!

Now MNP may or maynot work but it has given Abhishek Bachchan some work finally. The poor guy is busy telling random people to "Get idea" since so many days. Finally earning money instead of spending senior AB's "Gandhis".

The biggest use of MNP is that it will deter these companies from playing devils altogether. Esp Reliance. Those bloody morons are so deceptive that they can cause you a loss and you wont even know! It has happened to me and I wasnt even using Reliance then! Morons came up with a free STD call offer. As it turned out, it was only in few cities and only on Reliance mobile (Mukesh's company - just a few days old then) and not RComm (Anil's) and bloody assholes hadnt mentioned these fine points in their big ads which btw had only this in bold letters - FREE STD RELIANCE TO RELIANCE!. Even their vendors resorted to misleading by telling everyone that its on RComm as well. The fiasco cost me 250 bucks (big amount during student days) as I also, had bought their calling card.

Good Riddance!

I also had grudges with Airtel & Vodafone when I was using prepaid (I had both once). I even wrote an anti-Airtel article in 'Viewspaper' ( Link ) during those days. Their offers were almost always useless once you activated them. Although since two years now, am using Airtel postpaid and it has turned out to be quite well thankfully.

But perhaps, the biggest advantage of MNP is - improved customer care service. I can say this coz it happened to me today. Before today, whenever I used to call Airtel, they used to waste my time by diverting me to various other sub-helplines. I never used to like that but today something amazing happened. I can describe that in these few lines -


I tried calling her again and again ..
to share my problems..
to find someone to console me.

She however.. was always rude to me.
But the tables have turned.
Mobile number portability starts today..
And bang at 9 am .. she called to talk..
to confirm that am not breaking up with her - -

My lovely Airtel customer care girl !


And thats the fun part of it. Even if you dont intend to "break up" with your existing operator, call them up and screw with them for fun.

Trust me..

ITS REVENGE TIME FOLKS! Enjoy the sadistic fun !




chatterbox unplugged said...

Nice post...esp likd the revenge part...but being a tad bit more cynical...i think a time will cum wen all of them will suck soo bad that portability will make no sense... u knw airtel vs voda.....cpm vs tmc...two sides of da same fucking coin

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

the last part just induced some comradeship feelings in me. Let's get to terms with them, maybe BSNL could hire more proficient ladies at their call centers, they always suggest me to restart phone or just deny any kind of help plainly.


Alka said...

What a wicked idea sirjee...
Finally some power to the consumer...
I kinda agree with chatterbox..

Deepika said...

awesome!.. yes noe its time to get to take turns with those morons... i remember calling several time and always hanging on the waiting tone till eternity.. and after that loooong wait he would tell me we'll see to it/will be taken care of/blah blah blah!!

now i'll 'see' the vodafone-walas *grins*

Priya shah said...

Awesome ! Loved that poem :) .. am switchin to airtel though. Sick of idea sirjee :D

Neeha said...

Nice blog.
Enjoyed reading this.
I didn't face such problem yet.
Hope I don't face further too.

Harshad said...

does it make any difference which one you shift to?

i think they are all the with the amt of competition, metros...their rates etc are also at par...

network / reach are the things on which people will sell....definitely not for customer many times do u call it?

but i agree....

revenge time!!!

buwahahahahahaha!!!!! :P

Ana_treek said...

You r right!..That bloody AB junior keeps tellin switch to idea all the time..I've been trying to get through to them since one month, not once have they received the call.!

Anonymous said...

I still feel they're all the same:)