Monday, January 10, 2011


First post of 2011. And what better topic than IPL. And to top it all - Ganguly , who went "unsold" in IPL auction. This effectively ends his cricketing career unless he decides to play for Bengal Ranji team.

Anyhow, this is big news. And people burning SRK's (Kolkata Knight Riders' - KKR owner) effigies on Park Street and outside Eden Gardens is an expected one. What riles me is - Why? I just wanna say four words to all those protesting & shouting against the "unfair treatment" to Dada - SHUT THE HELL UP!

First things first. I am a Ganguly fan. He was the most successful Indian captain ever (although m sure Dhoni will better him). In his prime, he was known as the God of offside. But thats that. I am a fan of Ganguly - the cricketer , not the person. Just like Steve Waugh, Ricky Ponting, Chris Gayle etc.

Frankly speaking, Ganguly should face the bitter truth - he wasnt picked up NOT coz of his cricketing talent but coz of how he behaves off-field. Unlike Dravid or Laxman, he cant really fit into any role given to him by the team. May be its his ego. That was evident in the hue & cry raised during the second season of IPL when KKR removed him from captaincy. Frankly, captaincy isnt his birthright. Besides, he didnt do well as KKR captain anyways. They remain the only team so far not to have made the semis even once.

This is in complete contrast to players like Shane Warne - who led a crappy Rajasthan team to IPL victory in the first season. Had Ganguly not been a "problem" off-field, he could easily have walked into any team.

And now the utmost reason - the business of IPL. When the hell will we Indians learn that business isnt run on emotions. Franchisees like KKR invest so much money - not to serve emotional purposes, but to get an investment on their PRIVATE money (its theirs, not taxpayers'). They are fully justified in dropping Ganguly while others arent wrong either in not picking him up. Its their call. May be Ganguly should have emulated Kumble and became a mentor for his home team instead of taking part in auctions (to top it all, he doubled his base price from Rs 92 lacs to Rs 1.84 Cr).

And I wont even start over those "fans" burning SRK's effigies in Kolkata. These are the same people who, in 2006, supported Australia when they played against India at Eden Gardens. Why? Because that was the match where Ganguly was removed from captaincy and Dravid took over. Its better not to even talk about such people who chose a man over their own country, just coz hes a Bengali and was given a "perceived" injustice.

I am no SRK fan plus I like Ganguly for his cricketing skills but I strongly am against all the drama over his non-inclusion. Its time for Dada to retire gracefully just like other greats like Kumble.

As for IPL -

it will rock like everytime. Lets 'cheer' for it.


Anyhow people, thanks for the comments & wishes on my last post. Will keep you updated on that. Till now, I have had one stand up performance which went good ..thankfully, people didnt throw vegetables!

Cheers... As Vijay Mallya said - HIC !



Priya shah said...

True i guess.. its his off-field behavior.. Moreover, i think max IPL coaches are from Australia so thats also damn issue!

ash89 said...

I was pretty disappointed too when Ganguly wasnt selected. But burning effigies and all is stupid! Stupid but expected.

AS said...

One should not linger on for long, when one is not needed. With time the need changes. There was a time when he was the God despite his off field things. But now the younger generation has come of the age.. give the way dada .. and become the dadaji

mad.madrasi said...

When someone told us that Gangu might be picked up by CSK, we were worried - that he'll screw up the team spirit. thankfully he wasn't.

thanx for all you did to Ind Cricket Dada! Time for you to go & good riddance.

thanx to Mayank for such a nicely timed post

Alka said...

Indians are a emotional lot....Regionalism rules over nationalism and so this hue and cry over dadas on-inclusion.
What bothers me is the obscene amount of money for rookies...

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

IPL means business, and yes, no emotions in business.
So does this post, business, as usual!

Nice read.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Deepika said...

thats right.. if someone isn't able to hold the position.. he must resign and move on.
its time for newbies to take over the charge...
good post

♥ Duchess ♥ said...

O gosh ! m late !

ganguly wasnt selectd ! felt bad :(

o ash said the same thing !

how r u mayank