Sunday, December 5, 2010


"If it's true that our species is alone in the universe, then I'd have to say the universe aimed rather low and settled for very little."

Every morning when I get up, I think that may be.. just may be today is the day when no new stupidity will be encountered by me on Facebook (FB). But people are always hell-bent in proving me wrong! Why cant you see me in peace morons??

Ofcourse, I am talking about the latest "Change your display pic to some cartoon character" campaign going around now. Well, only I know of the trauma that an earlier Facebook Bra Color Campaign caused to my senses. Girls/Women (even some men) all over were going ballistic on FB writing the colors of their bras/ undergarments as their status messages. Why? To raise awareness against breast cancer. That was a massive act of mindfuck-ery. People actually thought that this is the way to go. I mean how gullible and stupid can you be? Seriously, a woman writing stuff like "Black! hehe" or a man writing "Brown today.. ".. cant be beaten in stupidity ! Only God knows with how much difficulty I finally overcame the shock! And now a brand new idiotic campaign! What the fuck ??

Basically, the cartoon character campaign is to raise awareness against child abuse. Infact , to quote the status message of a dude in my FB friend list (BTW, I have 'fired' this person from my friend list now) -

" Speak up for the little ones who can't be heard......... Change your facebook picture to a cartoon from your childhood. The goal? To not see a human face on facebook until Monday the 6th of Dec. Join the fight against CHILD ABUSE, and invite your friends to do the same! "

Seriously, WTF? Stupidity never ceases to amaze me. Let me be very clear: Just as some moron creating FB pages such as "I hate Khap Panchayats" and 6000-7000 people "following" it wont instill fear in those old medieval jerks; changing your status pic to any cartoon character, vegetable, fruit, tree, condom brand etc wont raise awareness for any issue.

This actually is the heights of the infamous "FB / Twitter activism"; which can be explained through these few steps:


  1. Get inspired from movies such as Rang De Basanti
  2. Recognize that you actually are someone who cant move even to save his/her ass
  3. Get worried by the above fact as it will stand in way of the "inspiration" you got from RDB etc
  4. Think how can you make world a better place without even moving your toenail
  5. Come up with ideas like the above campaign or numerous FB pages
  6. Feel content and happy that you did your bit
  7. Feel proud that you have "contributed" towards making this world / our country a better place.

India has the highest rate of child abuse in the world. And to top it all, often the victim is castigated by our hypocritic society. In this scenario, this is what every abused child needs - a FB campaign which will help them by raising awareness if people will change their pics to Tom, Jerry, Scooby Doo, Flintstones etc. Frankly, such campaigns arenot only stupid but also sadistic and hurtful. Sadistic, because they give a false sense of achievement to countless FB-zens and hurtful, because people dont ACTUALLY do something. They just think they 'helped'. And that further condemns the issue to darkness.

If you really wanna help, move your sorry asses and visit NGOs that deal with this issue and get real and gritty awareness. There are several of them (having online presence also) alongside the more famous ones like CRY and UNICEF. Browse through their sites and contribute there rather than wasting time in shitty FB campaigns. Ofcourse, theres no problem if you dont want to contribute etc but atleast be clear about it. Dont treat yourself to a false sense of pride by coming up / taking part in such fiascos. Spare a thought for those children who really are on the worst receiving end of life.


This time.. No cheers.


iriDescent speculist .... they say thoughts carry weight, damn !! I'll neva b thin !! said...

finally dude..!!..sorry to say this but it's been a while since I agreed with any of ur recent posts....frankly, had enuf of d cribbing n d sarcasm (not like my opinion matters, but still :P....n i mean it as a compliment)...this one's inspiring...well done man..specially the last para...finally it felt like u put ur heart into it...keep going.... :D

Alka Gurha said...

I was not aware of dumb. How can changing your profile to a cartoon character help child abuse?

More action.. less symbolism and lesser pretensions.


@Iridescent .. What to do mate? World provides enuf fodder.. on an hourly basis.. for Sarcasm and cribbing :) .

@Alka.. Hopin fr that.. esp the 'less symbolism' part.

Anonymous said... is that why people have been changing their pics to a cartoon character?! I agree with you totally mate. It's insane and pointless and is doing shit-all to promote awareness on child abuse. I fail to understand how adding a pic to one's profile is going to help millions of kids who suffer physical, emotional and sexual abuse every single day. And I'm willing to bet none of these individuals changing their pics have even seen a child who has been abused to actually know what's going on. At the end of the day, it's a media promotoion with no substance. And only morons fall for it. And yes, that probably includes a lot of people on my 'friends' list! :P Nice blog you have here by the first visit.

Deepika Vasudeva said...

i had no idea about such campaign going on on FB, but i do remember many friends of mine changing there pics to loony tunes type characters..was it the reason? i guess i m too going to 'fire' them off my friend list.

well, i do agree, if someone wants to do something against child abuse.. like REALLY want to do then there are so many options out there.. go to NGOs, or at least do some real campaigning.. sitting in front of computers and clicking on various links or liking groups won't create real awareness. its just a way to satisfying yourself with the false belief "oh yes! i did something".

*conditions apply said...

reminds me again why FB/orkut is not for me!

MissTerious♥ said...

I changed it too...but for fun !!

Mag[m] said...

yeah that was very ridiculous campaigning on facebok... dude u have an ability to portray the sensible topic so well

Ankita said...

Hey even i changed my display pic too but did not know that this was the main reason. it's so stupid if few idle headed people think that changing pics would do any benefit...
highly insane...n seriosuly facebook sucks big time..

Ria said...

Well, i dint know of such kind of a campaign goin around in fb! Really weird i'd say. I totally agree with what u have written in the post.

chatterbox unplugged said...

nice post...some kids will change their fb pic to tintin and mickey mouse and let their domestic help (no older than themsleves) carry their school bags home......... these kind of campaigns are make-urself-free-of-guilt campaigns....... wdhave been a fun thing to do is they hadn't attached the silly moral connotation.....


@All ... changin fr fun toh is understandable n no prob... the trouble lies with ppl who think they hv created awareness fr the issue coz of this !

MangoMan said...

Totally support the post and the Cartman pic towards the bottom-right corner.

Do your bit and then preach is what I believe in! These pseuso-crusaders and their without-moving-a-toenail-activism!