Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Take this as a survival guide. The world is illogical and stupid but good news is that its not difficult at all to survive here. How? Read on:



Lets face it! Everyone's life is messed up some way or the other. Some have love problems, some have career troubles and some - well they are born depressed. The point is not to behave like only you have problems while others are going crazy with happiness. Stop whining and face them. After all, time is utilised in solving the problems rather than in thinking about them.


I have a suggestion: Lets find the guy who said "Quitters are losers" and kick the shit out of him! We are all humans - stupid , disgusting humans. Neither we are superheroes nor we should intend to become one simply because we cant. We people cannot achieve everything or solve every damn problem. Rather than going ballistic on one failed front, why not simply quit and do something you are good at? If something is not working out, quit and change the direction. That wont make you a loser. Instead that will help in making better that one thing which ,we say, always sucks - LIFE !.


Do you know what Ego is? Not that what they show in shit like Roadies. Thats stupidity. Unfortunately, world has mistaken that very thing as ego and hence it has come to be known as a negative thing. The truth is that like everything else, ego has two sides. The Roadies type " I am better than everyone else ! FTW ! " shit is the negative ego. Positive one gives you an awesome self-esteem and a logical mind. You DONOT care about others. You simply believe that you rock! You dont give a shit if others rock or not - what matters is Self. Hence, junk the stupid negative ego and start living dudes !


I wont ever understand why people always look to "gel in with the crowd". Most of the crowd consists of opportunistic and fake humans (OAFH). But still, people want to blend in at any cost. WTF? Trust me, if you dont love yourself - your individuality - you will never ever be happy. Be content in self. Even if it means a small (but good) friend circle. Even if it means lots of OAFH against you / not liking you. It doesnt matter. In the end, you will atleast be truly happy from inside because you arent degrading yourself.

We all are special and different. Had God wanted us to be similar, we would have been zombies. But we aint. We have brains. Use those and be an 'individual' - ofcourse not for the sake of it, but because you are !


Have this mentality - ofcourse without panicking like a moron. Death is an eventuality. You cant stop it even if you put your ass on stake. So, why behave as if we are gonna be here forever? Live like you are goin' to deathly hallows tomorrow. See dreams and achieve them. Always be restless and keep looking to fulfill your desires. If you love travel, spend a good part of salary on that. If you love adventure, go rafting. If you love marriage .. err... get a new perspective - NOW!

Life aint an unlimited cheque book. It has limited cheques. Cash them and live !


One thing that always riles me is the way people compare their lives with others. I ask - why the hell care? Why should you compare? As I said earlier, everyone is messed up. Your life will be good in one relative aspect while it'll suck in another. So, why indulge in this? It doesnt matter if someone has more money than you. What matters is what they do with that money.

Frankly, my salary is WAAAY much lesser than a Tata or an Ambani. But hey I love travelling and I am easily able to spend my money on that w/o worries. So, why the fuck should I be depressed thinking that I aint 'ambani-rich' yet? Fuck it!


All those "Sri Sri Sri ... Gurus" who tell you to always be positive are missing a vital point : Life doesnt work that way! Too much positivity leads to frustration. Be a bit cynical and negative. In that way, better planning is done as one calculates and prepares for things that can go wrong.

I sincerely believe that Positivity isnot a thing which should be forced down the throat like those Gurus yelling "Be Positive!". Its something when we are sure that we are prepared for almost all the eventualities.. even unforeseen ones.


Frankly, if you are here to make others' lives better, what the fuck are others here for? The simple rule is: Live for yourself - logically & objectively. The world always tells you to sacrifice yourself for others which frankly is the worst scam ever.

As Ayn Rand put it :

Achievement of your happiness is the only moral purpose of your life, and that happiness, not pain or mindless self-indulgence, is the proof of your moral integrity, since it is the proof and the result of your loyalty to the achievement of your values.

Selfishness aint bad if it doesnt result in others' getting negatively affected. The main reason why most lives are fucked up is that people always put others over them - even if illogical. Tell me - if you want to pursue higher studies but your parents insist on marriage, should you do it just out of respect? No. And thats a very small example.

If some logical situation involves close friends or family, its fine to think about them first but dont think of this as a duty - as the world says. You are here to make your life less shitty - indulge in that. Happiness will follow.


Frankly, this aint a guide. This is what I believe in. I wont say I have a perfect life. Infact, it sucks badly on 1-2 fronts. But, atleast am happy - in my own insane way. Those fronts will take care of themselves. As I say - Lifes a bitch.. but I love her!

CHEERS .................................. HIC!
Long live Vijay Mallya !


Harish said...

great stuff.. atleast more sincere attempt than that 'stop worrying and start screwing others' book I read last week.

Deepika Vasudeva said...

That was a comprehensive guide on how to live a less messed up life.. There will be who won't agree and many who might oppose. But still every body has own opinions and each one deserves equal respect..
When it comes to me i need to change many things with respect to points said above. Phew.. Will try, and hope if i might just succeed.
Btw.. Great post:)

MissTerious♥ said...

OO...I love this postttt Mayank...

Seriously !!!!
Loved it !! I follow a lot from here..but need to follow the last one..This post of yours must go into bookmarks of many people splly, the born depressed ones...:)

Harshad said...

first of all....big fan of ur d sarcasm....especially mahajan-man-esque posts... ;)

and secondly....dont agree with a few points here...

i admit, the sri-sri kinda positiveness is all dino-crap...but have noticed through practice, that the more positive you are, the more you get happy...

now, am not saying be stupid happy...but just ask for what you some logical person's words-the universe is a genie...and you get what you ask for...

whine a bit, but on the whole, just ask for what you want....and ask with all your heart, and u shall get it...

says baba aquaguy... :P

NjoY LyF! :D

Harshad said...

p.s. - d marriage point...agree with the getting a new perspective :P


@Harish.. Thanks .. n interestin book dude ... title motivated me to try it out :)

@Deepika , MissTerious .. thanx :)


@Harshad .. thanks :)

And I think we both are sayin same thing, diff. way. In my view, being positive .. but with a pinch of salt.. is good. Theres dfntly no limit on positivity. Being 'stupid happy' ofcourse means that you believe nothing will ever go wrong come wht may.


rashi said...

Great post, buddy!!! Loved it completely..guess have a ot to learn from it... :D

Alka said...

How true. All of us have problems in life. And the grass on the other side is perhaps astro turf.
Yes, to be cynical and negative once in a while is good....

Radha said...

In our day to day life we do few things only out of sheer respect for others. Like u have said; everyone's life is messed up, giving minor pleasures for our near and dear ones is pleasing sometimes:))
Loved ur style of writing

Anonymous said...

How true:)

Ana_treek said...

You are right!...Im goin through the same shit with my parents forcing me to get married..I'm goin to put my foot down!

subtlescribbler said...

haha..loved the way u started, although i prefer not to use the f-word for things, coz their r many other better words to send off ur feelings most of tht time.
and ur cool ways r really good ones :)
nice attempt!


*conditions apply said...

Very true. After all we are just a bunch of chemicals! We should stop taking life so seriously.
Good work: You stopped a anatreks marriage!

Nidaa C said...

Its difficult to feel fuckd up wen u r born indifferent
And yea, i do wish people live their OWN life.. evn if thie self n brain n othr whatevers r in swiss bank locker, TIGHT security

chatterbox unplugged said...

good post.....


@all .. thanks for visitin :)

@Alka... exactly :)

@Anna.. Ah! Marriage is always a dreaded issue which keeps croppin up fr us ppl once we reach a certain age. I hope all parents undrstand tht every1 is entitled to their life.. their way.


@Conditions app .. Hmm. If my blog becomes a medium for smthing logically good, pretty nice.

@Nidaa .. i wish so too ... Amen.


MangoMan said...

You're becoming a must-read by the day. A-w-e-s-o-m-e. With a little editing, the post can become one of the finest blogposts I've read recently.

Some really good/logical pointers, some a-bit-difficult. I like the overall attitude.

raji said...

hey ,mayank..u shoot straight!good writing and gives motivation to live life with a :).