Friday, December 31, 2010


[DISCLAIMER: Emotional Post - Karan Johar-ish, u can say.]

2010 is gonna be history soon. And I must say, what a year! Every day started with a new scam, a new controversy and what not?

2010 was the year that proved India is a damn rich country after all. The magnitude of scams - Rs 1.70 lakh Cr, 70000 Cr etc etc just showed that we really are a rich country of poor people.

2010 also proved - again - that we like to kiss 'foreign' butts - more so if they happen to be of 'important' people like Obama. The only bright spot? We dont discriminate racially. We kiss Hillary's and Obama's butts with equal zeal.

But lets not get all depressed on new year. So what if 2010 was full of such shit? This also was the year that gave me a new perspective and attitude in life. And it all happened on April 6th - the birth of "What the Fuck is Goin On?" .

When I started out on April 6 , I couldnt have possibly imagined that by the end of December, I will have so many people actually reading, liking and commenting on my blog. A big thanks to all of you. You guys are the real motivation.

I always knew I could write but to create a proper channel to vent out my frustrations - the best thing I did this year. WTFIGO has not only given me an awesome new hobby, it has also made me realise that I possess atleast a tiny speck of humor. Thats why , as a new year resolution, I have decided to get involved bigtime in stand up comedy scene. Sometimes I will make people laugh and sometimes they will throw enough vegetables at me that I can sell and make a profit - either ways I will benefit. And this has been possible only because of WTF !

Every year, we win some ; we lose some. But we become wiser (except if you are a Big Boss contestant or Rakhi Sawant). I have too. From a hopeless nutcrack at the beginning of the year, I have become more sensible (i.e. hopeful nutcrack) now. The year gave me a sense of freedom. It helped me in growing up - sometimes by kicking me hard on ass (when certain special people decided to part & take a different course) and sometimes by giving good advices while sharing a beer with me (like creation of 'Mahajan-Man').

Many people will view 2010 as good riddance due to the bloody scams and all but I can safely say that - Despite all the shit, I loved it !

And Welcome 2011 ... newer shit, newer frustrations, newer 'Mahajan-Man' adventures. Stay tuned.

And a happy & awesome new year to all of you :) .

-- Cheers.

- DG.


Priya shah said...

Happy new year :) .. Good luck with comedy scene ..


deepika said...

Hopeful Nutcrack.. hmm.. congratulation for the evolution.
no matter how much scams or controversies we have here in India, still at the end of day we love our home place, ain't it?.. alike no matter how much of a sh*t this year turned out (too much to say in a line) but still it taught and if not love, but yes, i don't hate it.

happy new year :)

chatterbox unplugged said...

this pseudo-oscar-credit walah speech was ur funniest post what were you holding?? shampoo bottle or your comb ?? wink wink

Ankita said...

Happy New matter what at the end only the good things are remembered and cherished..the crap...its all better be forgotten..have a nice year ahead...:)

Ana_treek said...

All the best for 2011!! :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

All the best with the humour scene. It takes a little sense of humour to appreciate humour. But people tend to reserve that for don't know what.

Oh and a very happy new year.

Rashi said...

karan johar-ish???
not really donnie!! n thankfully so...:D
All the best for ur new venture..m sure u gonna rock :)
n as ur post on FB suggests
"survive the new year"!!
realy liked it.. n think it makes more sense than happy new year..

Anonymous said...

good luck with stand up comedy.

Anonymous said...

Newer 'Mahajan-Man' adventures!!!....we sure are looking forward to it. It has been great reading WTFIGO. All the best for your stand up thing! :))

Alka Gurha said...

Have great year Mayank.....
The list of dim wits on reality is growing..Mahajan man has competition from the likes of Dolly Bindra and Sara Ali.. Is she married or unmarried or divorced?

vineet said...

LOLing..hopeful n hopless nutcrack was an absolute lol analogy..loved yr post

Harish said...

wish you a great 2011. and all the best for the new venture.