Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Special 'Reply' Post to Mr 'Mad Madrasi' ...

My esteemed blogger friend 'Mad Madrasi' really made good effort to rip apart my latest post 'Indians and their stupid inferiority complex" . His comments on the post were quite detailed and motivated me to create a special reply post - only for him !

Congrats dude !

Over to the task at hand:

Comment 1 :

Usually you talk sense; but this is really funny!
1) the question is not who invented what 1st. The question is who put it to 'better' use. if you invent a cellphone size 'fusion' reactor and promptly forget it and then claim (after 1000 yrs) to have been 1st - what's the use?

Firstly, so nice that you recognised my skills - writing funny , witty senseful things. Thanks. Anyhow, you talked about "better" use? Today, you have all sorts of technologies, resources & things. Aryabhatta didnt have all these in 5th Cent. otherwise he could have put his thoughts about satellites etc to practical use. This comment of yours isnt even logical. Its like saying that anyone can claim right to anyone's inventions provided he puts it to 'better' use. Awesome! And whats better use anyways? Does only watever Americans etc do qualifies as better use? Is that what you are saying? Yoga, our education system, Zero etc things have been helping our people for centuries. They just didnt get much publicity owing to the LACK of publicity mediums which were in abundance & were used brilliantly (by foreigners) during 15-18th cent. when all our discoveries were put to "better" use. Moreover, Europeans were on a world conquering spree then and did all in their capacity to belittle native cultures.

Comment 2
if they tell, then it must be right becuz if any indian says it - he is promptly pulled up, agitated against, beaten up or dragged to courts. so only people who can say 'things' are 'phoren' people. Remember Kushboo and her comments? Could any Indian have written about 'polyster prince'?

Agreed. But you missed a vital point in my post. If you remember, the book on Shivaji was recently banned in India (It was written by a foreigner). And ofcourse, Richard Gere kissing controversy etc. Your logic contradicts itself. On such issues, it DOESNOT matter whos saying it. We go stupidly crazy over such things. What I am, however, against is the bloody hypocrisy on part of foreigners. They go over-hyper when it comes to our facilities without caring what they are offering to others - Asians in particular.

Comment 3
Agree with them instead of standing up. Look at the way the 'superbug' discoverer from India reacted after the
publication. I didn't (say it), they wrote (without me) and whatnot. Even Ministers question the findings - called it an attempt to damage the 'image' of India. How would any one stand up? Unless the Sup Court declares that right to expression & free speech (even if it is against someone) like in US, 'it-will-be-like-this-only'

Again, you missed the whole point. Frankly, I didnt even understand this comment. Would request you to 'tone down' the intellectual brilliance here and make me understand in a 'common man's ' lingo. Till then, I will just ask you to read the 3rd pt again. Australians etc attack Indians and justify it with " Indians are dirty and deserve it" argument. We, though, condemn the attacks BUT support the argument. How fucking is this Mr Mad madrasi?

Comment 4
No one is asking you to make Terminator or Transformers, but if you ape them, I 'have' the right to denigrate you. It is not the budget, it is the 'idea' behind the movie. Just watch an English movie channel Star, HBO, AXN, WB or PIX - they play about 5 movies a day - and none of which resembles another. All 5 movies have diff subjects, visuals and moves. Can u say that about any 5 movies in (any) Indian language? Every 3rd movie gives you a feeling of 'deja-vu'. BTW you must've watched 3 idiots; but have you seen this movie 'Cheats' (2002)? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0250292/

1 ] No-one mentioned 3 idiots. And by this logic, thousands of movies are 'remakes' etc - both sides (Eg: Gangster MD - remake of Munnabhai.)

2 ] Dont protest for the sake of protesting. Read this line again from the post : " True, Hwood makes better movies with better stories and effects. While they make Avatar and Inception; we create Karan-ish and Yashraj-ish shit like "I hate luv storys" , "Anjana Anjani" , "Kites" etc. But once in a while, we DO create something spectacular but even thats not good enough for our citizens! " . Got my point? If not, read again.

And talking about ideas? Well, in your words: If Shankar puts ideas to "better use" than Nolan etc; whats the harm in that ?



Priya shah said...

Pawned ! Your 1st 'reply post' .. and thankfully unlike Maddox etc, you focussed on logic alone and not "destroying" a (-)ve comment come what may. Liked this for that very reason ... its intelligent :)

S Hemanth said...

Thats a nice reply post ! Many bloggers dont take negative comments in a logical way. Good to see some change atleast ! ( sayin wrt maddox type blogs)

iriDescent speculist .... they say thoughts carry weight, damn !! I'll neva b thin !! said...

game on bhai..!!..nice..frankly, even i dint understand his 3rd comment...made me think i was the only idiot who din't..(indian low self esteem n inferiority complex at play again??.. ;)..lolz..hehe)

mad.madrasi said...

hi Mayank
nice comeback and why one of few i read in my GReader. however i felt like responding and good of you to take it +vely.

I guess basically both of us start with similar thoughts but we go off in different view points. And I don't want to get into a flaming war.

You're welcome to 'rip-a-new-one' on my blog - as long as you don't rip me, I am happy (just joking)

A bit late, but was busy with my pro/personal work and latest hobby yesterday - my 1st game. You might like it - DIDDLY 2010 Common Loot Game. thanx and ta!

Mayank said...


Na ... no ripping etc... no one wins on internet so no fun [just kiddin :) ] .. wl try the game surely...

nikita said...


nothing to say...brilliant post..