Wednesday, October 20, 2010


DATE : 29/9/2020 (a day before Supreme Court verdict on Ayodhya)

Ram and Ravana decide on some time travel and arrive in Year 2020 India - Ayodhya to be precise. They set off visiting the city in morning and meet again in the evening. Feeling exhausted, they decide to enjoy a cappuccino at Barista while sharing their experiences.

Heres their conversation - as overheard by other tourists:

Ram : So dude, whats up? How was day?
Ravana: Crap! Yours?
Ram: Hell ! Anyways, you go first..

Ravana (adjusting his ten heads): Where should I begin? I am sick of these people. Get this, I saw a nice hotel and thought of having breakfast but the asshole manager told me he'll charge 100 Rs !

Ram: So ? Whats the problem?

Ravana: PER HEAD DUDE ! Am I insane or something that I will pay 1000 Rs for some parathas and chai? Fuckin moron.

Ram: Dayyam ! You got served! LoL .

Ravana: Watever! But dont be so happy. I heard you were denied entry into Ram Janambhoomi complex? HAHA

Ram: O yeah ! That policeman told me coz of tight security, I cant enter! Apparently, some court is gonna pass judgment tomorrow to ascertain whether I was born here or not ! Can you believe it?? And thats why, the fuckin scurity is so tight. They didnt let EVEN ME enter - into my own birth complex!

Ravana: Sad ! But why was there a sudden commotion when you were there?

Ram: Yar! I got agitated and threatened that police guy that I will use "Brahmastra" on him. He got pissed and called in his seniors. One of them asked me if I was Arun Govil from Ramanand Sagar's Ramayana's set? Now, who the fuck are these people man? I got confused and pissed and walked away!

Ravana: Weird! Some kid asked me the same question.. whether I was from Ramanand Sagar's Ramayana? And they were laughing at my ten heads! Bakwaas !

Ram: I suggest we find this Sagar dude and clarify things. I just wanna know who the fuck is he? Anyways, how was rest of your day?

Ravana: Big crap! Police guys were questioning me and throwing me weird suspicious glances. When I told one of them "Hum Ravana hain - Lankeshwar"; he laughed so hard, I can swear on Mandodri's name that I saw him peeing his pants!

Ram: LoL. Same here. Police detained my bow and arrows. When I told them who I was, they started laughing and asked me to call - you know who.

Ravana: That Sagar guy?

Ram: YES !

Ravana: You know what? This world has gone to the dogs. These morons are fighting everywhere. Most importantly.. they are doing it in your name.

Ram: Yeah. Wish I could make them understand what my real essence is. But these ignorant, fake souls wont understand. They have sold their brains to stupidity.

Ravana: Well, screw them. I have decided to go back. Cant take it anymore.

Ram: Wow! You look real frustrated?

Ravana: Watever happened during the day was tolerable. But then I saw a weirdo .. some Mahajan guy .. on TV. He was laughing like a joker with some dozen bimbos sitting around him. Thats when I decided I have had enough !

Ram: Have a safe trip back dude. Dont reach some other time period accidently. LOL

Ravana: O Pls! You may have defeated me but I still have some powers. Btw, you not coming?

Ram: Not yet. I am just curious about the courts' decision ... want to further observe the comedy thats playing on here. You can say, I want to know whether I was born here or not! LoL.

Ravana: Watever dude! Cya. Adios.


Ravana got disappeared after that. Ram stayed on to see what court says the next day.

Rest all.. as they say.. is history.




Sweta said...

with a tint of comedy you brought out very serious issues too.
I hope people understand what god whats to tell us.

Good work. :)

Alka Gurha said...

Mayank you select innovative topics...I mean the idea itself was so interesting!

Radha said...

Tooooo Goooood Mayank!!!!
Poor Ram nd Ravana

ash89 said...

funny conversation. But the underlying message was very clear.

mad.madrasi said...

i really laughed, and I mean laughed at this. The thing about 100 per head was hilarious.

Hats off, Mayank. Even I, a mad guy wouldn't have dared speaking true, like this. I would have been scared that someone might take it as an offense against the God, bringing him down to earth, like normal humans - & I mean Ram & his 'f' word with security. I would / am actually, afraid that someone might take offence and say that I am no better than MF Hussain, for denigrating the Gods!

Hats off, and keep them coming

bebo ♥ said...

This post is so unique and mast...that i feel like following your blog all over again n again n again..

S.R.Ayyangar said...

Very funny, should dedicate this post to 'Ram Sena'!

Anonymous said...

You really can't get enough of the Mahajan stuff mayank can you? Hehehe. Interesting:)

Mayank said...

@Alka, Radha, Ash, Bebo, Ayyangar Sir...... thanx :)

@Sweta .. thanks.. I hope so too.

@Neha.. Mahajan-Man is a great motivating factor. Can never be enough :)

Mayank said...

@MM.. Thanks... I think religion has made us believe tht God is some cruel dude whos just waitin with electric rods to punish us. However, my belief is complete opposite. If you really believe, u r cool wrt God instead of sittin in fear of "punishments" . It bcms denigrating when Hussain type ppl take it too far and insult Gods of a particular religion while putting "their own Gods" in nice light.

Deepika Vasudeva said...

lol. that was something i might come again to read and even recommend to my bro to read. just too cool.

proving to have born there is best punch i found..
raavan would have been undone if he existed in this era!.. superb