Sunday, October 31, 2010


Wrote this in one of my reflective moods... which basically means at 4 AM, Saturday night and with lots of coffee + rock music for company.

Lifes a journey.
We travel. We meet people.
We leave them behind. Sometimes we are left behind.
But we move on.

We are happy a few times.
We are dead from inside most of the times.
We dont want to stand up.
But we move on.

We live. And love.
We get loved. We get jilted.
We get over most of them.
But we cant get over over some - one.
We dont want to walk.
But we move on.

We are broken in our hearts.
We dont wanna fight.
We feel how empty this life is.
We want to give up.
But we dont.
We move on.

In the end, we survive.
And we believe.
Shit happens. Will happen.
But we travel. Far off.
To unknown places.
We live our life.
We own our life.
So.. we move on.



ash89 said...

I like writing when m in a reflective mood. It helps u to connect better with your emotions.

POOJA... said...

very real... with good execution...

Ana_treek said...

So true..m somewhat stuck in a similar situation rite now..

Mayank said...

@Ash .. It does. Thats the only time when one is without all the worldly pretense.. n can 'find real self'.

@Pooja.. thanx

@Ana.. Hope u get out of the quandary soon. Am toh forever stuck in these situations..... Hence the inspiration for the post :)

Alka Gurha said...

Nice...Life is to move on...And also to forgive and forget..

chatterbox unplugged said...


bebo ♥ said...


I can relate so much here.....sometimes, we just need to ignore, forget, force ourselves to move on..
but We have to move on.
Another meaning to life.

Sandeep Kodam said...

thank you

Ankita said...

beautiful...deep emotions expressed in such simple strucks a chord...very nicely penned down thots...

Perpetual Mind said...

well written poem....nice

Priya shah said...

Bful & intense ! But its an ode to moving on or the spirit of travel ? :)

Mayank said...

@All ... Thanks for appreciation :)

Shail said...

nice and true..Life moves on..

Deepika Vasudeva said...

and u say stupid eh??... abhi u need define stupidity for me coz now i m having second thoughts.

its a feel good poetry with a great msg... yes, life has to move. whatever be the problem, we ought to move on.
keep this coming. :)

Anonymous said...

B.E.A yooootiful! :)