Monday, October 4, 2010


"I have traveled across the length and breadth of India and I have not seen one person who is a beggar, who is a thief. Such wealth I have seen in this country, such high moral values, people of such calibre, that I do not think we would ever conquer this country, unless we break the very backbone of this nation, which is her spiritual and cultural heritage, and, therefore, I propose that we replace her old and ancient education system, her culture, for if the Indians think that all that is foreign and English is good and greater than their own, they will lose their self-esteem, their native self-culture and they will become what we want them, a truly dominated nation."

- From a speech by Lord McCaulay (Founder of our modern education system) in Parliament, 1835.

Ever wondered why India , despite the growing economy , doesnt find a place among world's superpowers? We are a major soft power with 'exports' like Bollywood etc but when it comes to high table discussions, India is not given the weightage that it deserves. Why?

The answer is simple: Indians & their fuckin inferiority complex vis-a-vis other , especially "white" nations. Else how can you explain our meek rabbit like behavior in crucial matters of national security and issues like Bhopal gas leak case etc? The truth is fairly evident: We , as citizens, are in a bad colonial hangover and give a shit about our own country.

Let me prove that through these points:


Our dipshit citizens wrongly associate Indian culture with religion. Religion is just a stupid thing. Indian culture , however, has always been scientific. Thats why India was world's most advanced civilization in historic times. A good 1000 years before Copernicus, Varahamihira had proved that its the Sun which is at the universe's center & not earth. When Europeans were wetting their beds thinking about their deficient zero-less roman numerals or that earth is flat, Aryabhatta was working on a discovery called 'Zero' and side-by-side proving that earth is round. Panini gave the world, the most comprehensive and advanced grammar ( Devnagri script) ever. And Pythagoras theorem was discovered by Aryabhatta.. many years before Pythagoras was born.

Even our 'rituals' are all scientific. For eg. There is a solid logic behind the age old practice of 'Surya namaskaar'. The early morning rays of sun are very helpful for body but only if seen through water, which acts as a filter to prevent light UV rays. But tell this to some new age "cool" Indian and the asshole will laugh sarcastically. However, let some foreign scientist publish this fact in the famous 'Nature' magazine and we all will go crazy about it.

Why? Because of a complex which tells him/her that India can never be great. US patents our basmati and yoga and sells its 'mutated' form back to us and we go crazy over that. Why? Coz its 'foreign' packaged. Nowhere in this world, citizens look down upon their highly scientific culture in favor of a less developed foreign one.

Its not bad to embrace other cultures but it sucks if you think your own great culture is not the "in thing" or "cool" (unless you are Pakistani ofcourse).


This particularly pisses me off big time! As an example, CWG opening ceremony is being hailed as better than the Beijing olympics 2008 one. India has truly arrived. This doesnt absolve Kalmadi & Co of corruption charges but thats another matter. What matters here is our attitude towards ourselves.

Indian athletes were made to stay in rundown youth hostels during Melbourne CWG '06. But did we protest? On the other hand, we lapped up every criticism foreign authorities threw at us during CWG preparations - be it logical or not! Everyone was shamelessly saying "They are right. We are like this only!". The problem isnt in self-knowledge. The problem lies in the "they are always right" mindset. They say that India isnot a safe country. Many dickhead athletes pull out due to "security fears". And we believe all these reports about our nation. WTF ! India is as secure as other countries today (except well.. Pakistan) ofcourse. Recently, US unearthed a terror plot which was aiming to blow up several European capitals. IN YOUR FACE huh? Now, whos more secure?

Try telling this to Indian eggheads. Futile with a big 'F' !


We, really, dont respect ourselves at all. Yes, Indians are bloody hypocrites. Yes, we are immature people who dirty every city / locality we live in. We know. And people world over take no break in telling us all this continuously. What surprises me is our reaction to it. Instead of doing the following:

> Accept the logical points,
> Tell them their stupid things,
> Improve ourselves ;

we do the following:

> Agree with them bloody overwhelmingly,
> Add points from our side so as to give them a good laugh at our expense,
> go back to old routine.

Freaking brilliant, morons !


Another major point. True, Hwood makes better movies with better stories and effects. While they make Avatar and Inception; we create Karan-ish and Yashraj-ish shit like "I hate luv storys" , "Anjana Anjani" , "Kites" etc. But once in a while, we DO create something spectacular but even thats not good enough for our citizens! Take recent Rajni starrer 'Robot' for example. Majority of the Hwood "worshippers" , who have seen it, are uttering sentences like 'It aint better than Transformers or Terminator" . Many 'elitists' who love 'My name is Khan' types have decided not to watch 'mass' movies like Dabangg as its too 'villag-ish' (?) or Robot because they dont think of Rajni as a star. He is Asia's second highest paid actor and guarantees success is another matter.

I just want to ask those morons one question: If Shankar (Robot's Director) is given the budget of Terminator, dont you think he will create a movie which will make Terminator look like a kid's movie? The man is a genius. He planned and executed India's first true sci-fi movie (Krishh btw was just a comic, not a movie!) with never seen before bloody cool SFX and animatronics. He must be lauded for this effort as this will give rise to more such movies - bigger and more larger than life!

But what can you expect from a poor mindset? We wont applaud him but will go crazy over Chris Nolan (Inception) even though 50% of the airheads didnt understand what the fuck was inception all about.


I can go on & on as there are so many points & sub-topics; but whats the use. I just wanna say that I love my nation and the goodness in it. And no, I dont think its inferior to any other country. Those who do however, can happily continue sitting in their comfortable sofas and criticising everything Indian. I dont give a shit.


Cheers................................ /\


Gokul said...

The point you made about the security of CWG games is so true.
Terrorism is no more limited to India or asian countries, its global now. When prime cities of UK can be bombed I don't understand how they can make such lame excuses.

ash89 said...

I agree completely! We Indians need to respect our culture and truly understand how wonderful our country is!

Priya shah said...

Amazing post Mayank. Amazing thought process.

You r getting better with every post :) . The central idea in this one is so true. We really do need to love our homeland ....

S Hemanth said...

Really likd the 4th pt of yours. Dnt knw abt elitist ppl but Endhiran is a class movie. Such mvs cn really herald the beginnin of a new age cinema.

Hats off fr da post.

prasanna ragahvan said...

I do understand your disappointment.

But what are causing this? Why are Indians lagging behind in taking pride in what they truly have while show no courage to crtiticse others when they are truly at fault.

My answer to this is: India is not yet a nation in the sense it has not instilled in its people what is called the national pride. Other nations do have this.

For eg. take the case of what is happening abroad. When an individual is in trouble in a foreign land, her embassy is on the fore front to offer short and long term solutions, but not for an Indian. well, for Indians, she should be related to the embassy officials to get assistance as though the embassy belongs to some family/clan/cult/ region etc. Clearly I can write a huge post on this topic alone. Honestly they are the least efficient people too.
India has a tradition. But honestly, I cannot respect the above ones or be proud about them. i despise them. An when such incidents are accumulated in people's mind they do not see much pride in what India is. But of course India has a great tradition. I am so proud of India it does not mean that I should be proud about the above hooligans.

About corruption, if Indians cannot perform better for being corrupt, they should have the decency to vacate the position. And they need to be criticized.

bebo ♥ said...

I am proud to be an Indian.
People n their mentality sucks here...
If A girl has a relationship with a guy...she is degrading the Indian culture.
On the other hand they pray Radha-Krishna.
And there are loads of examples.

Our politicians are big time gawars. They are a bunch of ppl who I am ashamed of.REALLY !

I believe, Inferior hone k saath saath Hypocrisy hadd se zada hai.

mad.madrasi said...

Usually you talk sense; but this is really funny!
1) the question is not who invented what 1st. The question is who put it to 'better' use. if you invent a cellphone size

'fusion' reactor and promptly forget it and then claim (after 1000 yrs) to have been 1st - what's the use?

2) if they tell, then it must be right becuz if any indian says it - he is promptly pulled up, agitated against, beaten up or
dragged to courts. so only people who can say 'things' are 'phoren' people. Remember Kushboo and her
comments? Could any Indian have written about 'polyster prince'?
... tbc

mad.madrasi said...

... contd 2
3)Agree with them instead of standing up. Look at the way the 'superbug' discoverer from India reacted after the

publication. I didn't (say it), they wrote (without me) and whatnot. Even Ministers question the findings - called it an attempt to damage the 'image' of India. How would any one stand up? Unless the Sup Court declares that right to expression & free speech (even if it is against someone) like in US, 'it-will-be-like-this-only'

mad.madrasi said...

... contd 3
4) No one is asking you to make Terminator or Transformers, but if you ape them, I 'have' the right to denigrate you. It is not the budget, it is the 'idea' behind the movie. Just watch an English movie channel Star, HBO, AXN, WB or PIX - they play about 5 movies a day - and none of which resembles another. All 5 movies have diff subjects, visuals and moves. Can u say that about any 5 movies in (any) Indian language? Every 3rd movie gives you a feeling of 'deja-vu'. BTW you must've watched 3 idiots; but have you seen this movie 'Cheats' (2002)?

Nidaa C said...

Your best ever!!!
Hats off!

Stumblednews said...

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Mayank said...

@All .. thanks for the comments.. :)

@Prasanna .. Pretty nice point u made .

@Bebo .. loved ur comment on politicians :)

Mayank said...

@Mad madrasi ..

Your Replies in a separate "dedicated to you" post. Link:

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha.....I love the yoga and basmati point.....

Bhavia said...

A nice one Mayank :)The point made about CWG is true..

@Prasanna : You are right..unless we feel good about the country,it is useless to say that we are proud about it..Just because we are born as Indians wont make us proud about it..Also when things go wrong in ones life just bcoz of the cold attitude in the country will invite more issues in the future..

Mayank said...

@Neha .. thanx ..

@Bhavia .. True. Being proud just on the basis of nationality isnt logical. Its important to feel good on points that are actually bright; like our IT services and our soft power; while creatin / strivin for more simultaneously.....

Radha said...

Very good post!

Anonymous said...

One more bugger...aldo right and raised right issues...but some shit words on SRK n Salman....well Robot is also a shit...!!!

Mayank said...

@Radha.. thanx ......

@Anon.. Its ur personal opinion . Ofcourse, wht i dont undrstand is y u r against robot.. coz u love SRK etc more or sm other logic? * confused bugger *

Anonymous said...

Wow this is a great resource.. I’m enjoying it.. good article

Anonymous said...

This article is absolutely spot on - I couldn't agree with you more. Well said!

Anonymous said...

I have sometimes wondered whether this obvious inferiority complex is such a bad thing after all. Where does this complex really come from?

Many other nations failed in many ways...the Germans lost two World Wars on the trot, the Japanese were shattered with nukes, but Germans and Japanese dont have a chip on their shoulder.

I think the lesson that India learned from British rule is that to feel "powerful", you dont just have to be "decently strong", but that nothing matters unless you are #1. And not just #1, unless you put your boot on the face of the world like America does today and do whatever you want, you are nothing...

Now, India is very far away from being the nation that dictates the world. And as such, Indians feel they are nothing. The entire Western world has comfortably accepted lower perches...Germany, France, etc. The UK and Canada barely give a damn about being perceived as America's lapdogs. And so, while Germany does not have a single main battle tank today and England is down to 50 fighter planes, they dont care. They focus on whatever few things they are decent at and try to maintain their foothold in America's court.

I think it is in some sense a positive force that India sees itself as inferior and wants to grow. For instance, India could easily enlist as an American vassal like Israel and immediately end all its concerns about economy and military. But, India does not believe that anything less than No. 1 military, No. 1 economy and full superpower status is anything to be proud of. It is a positive.

vishu said...

Good observations. I am an Indian and I can attest what you just said. Most Indians are present epitome or racism, lethargy, self righteousness, unjustified nationalism and stupidity. Its all blended well and may be mixed in our "daily curry" so it runs in blood. People who can think sensibly , leave the country at first chance. Most intelligent people do not leave country because they do not love it rather they flee because there are about 1 billion stupid people obstructing their work and freedom of expression. It is a pseudo-democracy and one hell of a hypocrite nation.

One point we must understand that we need to STOP BREEDING and use condoms , they are invented for a reason. The country which doesn't discussed issues like sex and death cannot progress because most people's lives pass by in fear/anticipation of these most important drivers and enablers of life.Indian fail to take stand and deliver.

One of the most racist people around are Indians . If you see the commercial for "fairness" cream , what a bunch of bollocks! We need to seriously learn and not brag.


Anonymous said...

India is just one poor developing country nothin to be proud of, may be some individual accomplishments but as a nation nothing it's a pity that you have to drag out these ancient people from history books to point out something great about India .bollywood is a joke this country is totally fucked up

Anonymous said...

damn right...indians...LOL

Anonymous said...

99% of Bollywood = 1 boy + 1 girl + they fall in love + some songs + they get married. STORY ENDS.

Highest paid actor/actress doesn't mean the movie is great.

Anonymous said...

Indians need to be Indians and not try to be American - thats where they fail!

Everything they do which is not Indian is tacky and looks seedy.

Prem said...

The problem with Indians is not that they have an inferiority complex with regard to themselves. The problem is that they regard *other* Indians as inferior, and not worth having any consideration for. As for themselves, they think that they are Brahma's gift to humanity.

Anonymous said...

This place is terrible. I hate India. am Indian. my main ambition is to change my nationality. I think this article was too mild. I feel its the education system that needs to change. we need to learn politeness. no one cares about anything but themselves. compare driving here with other Western countries . no one gives way, constant honking, gross disregard for queues etc. govt. offices? they Are a joke! I can't imagine this place improving. but still people go on about "great india".
I say this place sucks big-time! just watch any local tv channel. Such GARBAGE!
The news channels? Omg, they are the worst! we are going to the dogs. I wish I wasn't Indian!

TamilSachin said...

On any day I say Sachin is better than bradman, but India as a nation no way closer to Australia. Now that's the fact, neither inferiority complex nor false pride.
BTW, I've superiority complex for being a native speaker of Tamil and fanatic of Sachin.

Varun said...

Hypocrisy is India's biggest vice. I'm an Indian but not proud of India. Why should I be proud of India? Why, because of corruption or population? So many women in India are raped, but we are still in denial. We are still not recognizing the problems let alone solving them. I love my India. Women were going Sati, their heads were shaved bald after being widowed. And, women are worshiped in India. This is one living proof of hypocrisy. Get rid of hypocrisy and half the problems are solved. And, yes bollywood, SRGay & mostly all films made in India sucks ass.

Varun said...

Hypocrisy is India's biggest vice. I'm an Indian but not proud of India. Why should I be proud of India? Why, because of corruption or population? So many women in India are raped, but we are still in denial. We are still not recognizing the problems let alone solving them. I love my India. Women were going Sati, their heads were shaved bald after being widowed. And, women are worshiped in India. This is one living proof of hypocrisy. Get rid of hypocrisy and half the problems are solved. And, yes bollywood, SRGay & mostly all films made in India sucks ass.

bad apple said...

well said...but m not sure if Indians are going to change their we all agree to your point today but tomorrow am damn sure majority of us will forget this..:/

bad apple said...

well said ..but am afraid if any one's gonna follow it..majority of these commentators,including me,i guess are going to be suffer from inferiority complex..:/

Sreerej said...

True but don't you think its time to take out songs and dance from movies, at least sci-fi movies.

Yeah, but you're right we have a lot inferiority complex especially with USA, and we try to walk,talk and act like them and follow their ways, I am not saying US way is bad.But Brits don't try to be like Americans, they think American way is a bit weird.

But at the core of all this the problem is people thinking life is so amazing in "America".They don't see how hard it is to live there, family values are low and it's an "every man for himself culture".

In India nobody cares about the country they just live their life curse politicians and terrorists and die, including me.