Thursday, October 28, 2010


Bakchodi or Bullshit, is truly an art. Trust me, if you master it; you can become a superstar or even aspire to win a nobel prize. Let me prove it through two shining examples:


Ok. You won a booker and won laurels. But that doesnot mean you are a proven intellectual. Ms Roy is simply a dumb radical leftist secularist who has mastered the strategy of bakchodi - all for winning the nobel for peace. How? Easy.

Through Roy's copyrighted 8 point "Sell your soul for a Nobel" funda:

  1. Find someone / something to hate radically;
  2. After you have decided that you will be hating rich people, businessmen, Hindus, Army people, Government , Cheap wines, anyone against you etc; you make a bakchodi action plan
  3. You start supporting the terrorists, naxals etc vociferously while giving a shit about the families of martyrs like army jawans
  4. You then criticise the Government for everything; even for Shakti Kapoor's loose pyjama in the movie 'Raja Babu' (Remember Nandu?)
  5. You do all this while attending "intellectual" parties where you sip the finest and most expensive champagne and discuss how Indian state is torturing poor people
  6. You then pray to Marx and Lenin ( Not God because you are atheist) that Government arrests you for sedition
  7. Once arrested, all your worries are over. You have joined the "league" of Ang Sui Kii , Dalai Lama etc. Although they are fighting for a valid reason.. but who the fuck cares, right?
  8. You wait for the day they announce your name for Peace nobel and you marvel over the simple yet effective strategy of selling your soul and country for a god-damn prize.
Well played, Ms Roy.


I advocate equal rights for women. I truly believe that they deserve all the respect. What I dont advocate is the dumb-fuckery that people profess in the name of women rights / liberalization.

Today, I came across a true bakchodi article on internet :

"A railway ad for Indians but where are the women? " ( Full link)

The central theme of the article was that why there are no women in the 'human rail' thats shown in the recent Indian railways ad? Now, can you even get more bakchod than this? Have our standards fallen so much that we are arguing over THIS ? Arent we taking 'women equality / rights' concept, a bit too far? The ad is not supposed to be a "gender empowerment" thing. The theme is the spirit of Indian railways. Tomorrow, some people will even demand a quota for a specific community in such ads. Then what?


Well, watever. What to do when the world is full of morons who deflect the attention off serious issues through bullshit? Anyways, This was the first part of my tribute to the art of Bakchodi. More, later....



bebo ♥ said...

The art of kicking bakchoder's ass. PART 1.

mad.madrasi said...

Yuk! You hit the nail on the head -as usual. A Nobel for Roy - that would be really a WTF moment 8(

Aneesh said...

Liked the way you put it.
The same holds good for all the people trying to create vote banks in the name of caste and religions.

Aditya Kumar said...

Wasn't Arundhati Roy also with the Narmada Bachao movement. Or was she with the anti-Tehri dam movement. This is what happens if you are not in a movement just for doing bakchodi. People know that u r seen with every movement but know that u r there just for getting the mileage for yourselves and only yourselves. love her 8 point agenda. Hail Arundhati Roy. I am sure people are already considering her for some peace prize. That's why she attends all those high profile parties.

Alka Gurha said...

In the name of freedom some deliberately cross the Hussain did while painting a nude of a Hindu Goddess..Same for Ms Roy.She knew what she was doing was anti-national..and yet she went ahead...In fact there is too much freedom in this country..And its not good. A whack at the back is what such pseudos need..

Anonymous said...

toooooo good,
i would say this kind of blog is unique...

Anonymous said...


Priya shah said...

Ah I so wish that arundhati roy gets some brain surgery ........ Awesome post again Mayank :)

Procrastinator said...

Bingo dude! The worst part is neo Nazis that end up liking such people!

Mayank said...

@All .. thanx :)

People like A. Roy who cross the line do need a hard reality check.. wish our Govt gets some backbone + brains to do the needful !

Ana_treek said...

I love the passion in ur writing!

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