Thursday, October 14, 2010


Who exactly are 'good people' ( GP ) ? For me and many intelligent hapless souls; they're nothing but irritants. Why? Let me explain.

Imagine a lovely morning and you are sitting in a nice park observing the various stupidities that people indulge in : idiotic exercise poses , weird styles of walking, scary styles of clearing throat . Interesting, aint it? Seriously, I wont understand why the hell people feel the need to ape stupid western exercises like these:

Get a grip people ! These only make you look stupid. Although, I dont mind "exercises" like these:

but thats another story.

Coming back to topic: You are observing the general morning stupidity and out of nowhere comes a 'good person' armed with his/her unnecessary advice on marriage, career, religion etc etc. They take the fun out of everything. And thats why I hate this irritating breed.

Basically there are 2 types of GPs :

  1. Hypocrite ones,
  2. Stupid ones.
All GPs have a few things in common:

  • They have advice / opinion on every damn thing;
  • They speak in such a sweet tone that it makes you diabetic;
  • They are such true believers in God and take pity on you if you an anti-religion person;
  • Mostly, they are dumb hypocrites.
The last point is exclusively for hypocrite GPs. Such good people - who always believe in giving long sermons, advices etc ; ridiculing things like sex ; criticizing the youth for almost everything - are all hypocrites. They project themselves as someone destined for heavens but are nothing but tainted, fake people from inside. Such men & women want the world to follow their ideals which are nothing short of illogical.

They often hold rigid pro-religion views and we all know what that means, dont we? Yeah.. anti-love, anti-sex, anti-modernity and what not; although such men have no qualms in lusting after young girls / women while such 'good' women see no il-logic in blatantly criticizing their inlaws & others and playing politics. For them, caste of any person is more important than anything. And God forbid, if they encounter some atheist or anti-religion person; he/she is doomed!

Infact, the following are better and more genuine than this breed:

  1. A Tree,
  2. Tom and Jerry,
  3. Silicon-enhanced breasts
  4. Chinese products.

The second GP sub-breed is the stupid ones. They arent that false & fake but are really dumb and hence, not better than fake morons. They believe that God is the one stop shop for everything. They are like pigeons who close their eyes in face of danger & troubles [ while praying to God for safety ofcourse ] instead of taking the problem head-on. Frankly, this breed irritates the hell out of me! I mean, I also believe in God but I dont think he would like to solve my problems. Instead, if I bug him everytime I have some trouble, he will get irritated and ask me to shut the crap up.

Such 'breeds' are often found in our TV serials motivating people to become just like them. Really WTF? All 'good people' on TV are losers and nothing else. They only win because the script says so else the real world is something else.

One has to be logical and practical. But such people are opposite. They believe that majority of the world is full of goodness and all the bad guys can also be 'converted' to goodness by sheer love and kindness. PURE BULLCRAP! I would recommend the following sign to be put everywhere to ward off such 'good' morons:

Frankly, it is only because of this philosophy that world is becoming a shittier place to live in day by day. Few examples include:

  • Our dealing with Pakistan
  • Obama releasing hard-core terrorists from Guantanamo Bay as an act of "kindness"
  • Advocating rights of terrorists & criminals..... etc etc
The following are much more practical and better than these morons:

  1. A Tree,
  2. Chinese products,
  3. My mobile phone.

Such breeds of GPs are more harmful to us than the bad ones. Only because they are either fake or dont think of practical , tough , logical solutions to world's problems. Thats why intelligence has become such a premium today. But against all odds, I really wish that intelligence and not 'goodness' shall rule one day.

AMEN ..................................

& cheers.


bebo ♥ said...

these days...
its good to be bad..
speak ur mind.
be clear-hearted..
hum apne liye achhe ban jaye wo hi kaafi hai.

Alka Gurha said...

Most TV shows are scripted and most news is planted....And yes there r all kinds of people with sermons and know it all attitude...they r there to add spice in our mundane lives...

ash89 said...

God these good people drive me up the wall!!
I mean, cant they stop spreading their 'goodness'?
I'd rather be not-so-good person that I am! :D
Atleast m not faking it.

Mag[m] said...

true yaar.... GP's always have an advise for every situation and mostly that will b proved wrong

Priya shah said...

That day when we discussed this, I knew u are gonna rip apart so called good people ! Loved the post.. esp the "three things"... hehe.

Mayank said...

@all ... thanx :)

@bebo .. true :)

@Ash ... well put.

nikita said...

I sort of agree and disagree...there should be one more category..." genuine ones"
wat say !

Anonymous said...

Just browsed this blog randomly.. Had a good laugh.. Being one of the 'bad ones' i specially enjoyed this one..