Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I guess everyone of us have faced some cliche terms or phrases that arent useful at all (infact they need to be banned). These very terms are mostly harmless but if your mood is shitty, they perform a perfect job of biting on your sweetspot. Lets take a look at some of those, shall we?

Love is in the air

Really? Where? I cant feel it. All I can feel is the same old shit the world smells of everyday. Every damn thing is in air except Love; prominent among those is the nice natural fragrance -that is sweat- of morons who just crowd into an already overcrowded metro and stand so close to you and your 'strategic assets' that you almost want to kill yourself. Show me love. Prove that its "in air". And if you cant prove, kill the fuckin cliche.

Think outside the box

This one really bugs me. Why do we have to address innovativeness by using this irritating cliche? And why is "being in the box" so negative? In any case, what the hell does it mean anyway? If I have some issues at work, do I go out in the open so as to get better ideas? Well, let me tell you frankly: For best ideas, you have to think inside the "box", as in loo. Face it: The best ideas come to you when you are shitting ( literally, in deep shit). Innovativeness and ideas come to those who know how to use a minor thing called brain. And those who go on with their lives being assholes and insults to brain, ideas will never be a part of their existence. They may think outside the box but ultimately, will resort to same old thing most of us do when faced with real challenges: Giving up!

If you love someone, set him/her free

WTF Really? If I love someone, I have to set them free to know whether the relationship is meant to be or not? Trust me, this is only what retards do. If you let go off someone you love, they will be found making out with someone who is willing to "cage them" in PVR while watching a crap movie with 1% theater occupancy. Hell man! If a relationship aint meant to be, she will kick your ass once you show your real self. If she puts up with that, shes a keeper. In the former case, you let go because shes an irritant and not for you. In the latter, you NEVER ever let her go. End of story.

Money is the root of all evil

O Really? Then why the hell Bill Gates, Bono etc people are charity leaders? When the fuck will we learn that its not money but our character that is the root of all evil. If a baby cries at 3 AM and disturbs your sleep because he has a wet diaper, do you change the diaper or strangulate the kid? Similarly, if some guy commits crime for money, it is his damn fault or money's?

Money is the root of Life. It purchases those basic things for us which help in sustaining life. Calling it evil means calling life itself - evil!

The best revenge is to live well

Let me get this straight. Someone hits you, takes away all your belongings and leaves you in this condition > .............

.. and what should you do?

Yes, thats right. Word hard; work your ass off , earn tonnes of cash, buy fancy home and stuff, click your happy pics, find the villain guy and show him the pics. Yeah! Show him what you got! Show him how happy you are and tell him " Hey! You fucked me but no problem bro. I am so living well again. IN YOUR FACE!"

Brilliant, aint it? BULLSHIT to the least! The only way to feel good is junk the niceties and plan a cold, nice brutal revenge against those who hurt you big time. And for all those morons who think that just coz someone is bad to us, we shouldnt downgrade ourselves; heres a phrase: Shove it!


To be Cont..
More in Part 2.




Anonymous said...

hee hee
you really seem to be in the mood today - Oops! Is 'in the mood today' in your list?

(BTW here is my rant - either keep word verification or ID log in - doing both is sort of killing comments)

Anonymous said...

and comment moderation too

nikita said...

Baby ...why so much hatred in your words..

Revenge is not good in any way..according to me.Love itself is a solution to all the miseries in the world..The more you love,the more love you get..

I agree with you , Love is not about letting go and waiting for things to work themselves but when a efforts are needed to keep a relationship burning, it lacks the fuel, true love...

Take care..
A big bear hug for you...:)

Sweta said...

hey mayank.... you are again back with things which irritates you, but reading them makes us smile. :)

just one thing "if you love someone, let him/her go" doesn't mean what you interpreted. I feel it means love them, care for them but don't make them feel like they don't have their own life. Don't expect them to be your slave. Don't be over possessive. That's what i understand from this.

all in all a good read !!

Mayank said...

@Madmadrasi ...

' in the mood today' ... sounds interestin for part-2 :) ... and point noted. Comment moderation is to keep out spam. Word verification was an extra thing so hv removed it now......



Thanks :) ... About Hatred / irritations ; they help provide lots of motivations :) ...


Thanks :)

I believe over-possessiveness is nothin but inner insecurity and is never good. Letting go, however means that you dont try hard to make ur rlnshp work and leave the effort to God / elements.


magiceye said...

loved it!!

Ria said...

Baap rey its almost like u cud bash up anyone who comes in front of you!! :P

Love is in the air is something which ppl in love can very well understand. Its a phrase said to denote that when u r in love everything around seems nice n romantic.

And setting the one u love free doesnt really mean in the literal sense. Setting them free means giving them the freedom to be what they r n not to be over possissive coz too much of over possissiveness is a sure shot relationship killer. Also, it doesnt mean tht u shudnt work on a relationship coz it takes two to tango.

Mayank said...

@Magic.. Thanks :)

@Ria ... Na, m still not that irritated. Its still safe for any1 to come infront of me :P

And I believe that wen in love, you are too busy with that to get irritated by things that are around.. tht dsnt mean irritations dont exist. Besides, isnt love supposed to be in heart rather thn in air ? :)

Priya shah said...

Typical you ! .. Awesome , witty and intelligent :)

Ria said...

Yeah true....mebbe its the love inside us tht makes one feel that way! :D

S.R.Ayyangar said...

What about 'Give me a break' or 'I need space"

Mayank said...

@Ria .. Yup, its all in the head. Love, till thngs r rosy ; then, frustration / motivation to write such posts :)

@SR .. good ideas for part-2 of this post Sir...

Mag[m] said...

This is what ur blog suggests me everytime...WTF .... u tore it, raped it, sheered the shine .... amazing bro...lolz everytime...

Mayank said...

@Mag ........ thx bro..

bebo ♥ said...


part-2 was also great..:)