Thursday, August 12, 2010


I will start by giving credit for this post's motivation to those specific people who have constantly commented on my posts and/ or mailed me asking me to do only one thing: Be Positive !

Like this comment here on my earlier post " Love and all that bullshit"

"Good write-up bt u shldnt be negative . Rather than imagination, it breeds depression dnt u think ?"

or this mail here i got from ***** after my post on Socialism -

"well ! Why dont you just go and drown yourself?? Have you ever been to villages? Capitalism has ruined every fuckin thing! Go to Bengal. See what that Nano fiasco did! For the sake, look at events positively moron!! "

Well, after readin the above mail, I did two things:

1) Laughed so hard at this person that my tears came out
2 ) Started thinking that which villages to visit first? Rich-coz of-capitalism villages of Gujarat or poor-coz of-socialism Bengal and UP, Bihar villages ? Thats another matter anyways..

The common point in both these and some other mails was "BE POSITIVE". And trust me, nothing bites me on my ass more than this stupid term.

Infact, I declare.. by the virtue of personal experience.. If you want to be happy in life,


You ofcourse shouldnt be a total jerk but shouldnt be a total heavenly angel either. In the similar fashion, you shouldnt just sit and curse others in frustration. You should do something creative with that bottled up feeling. Else, you are just a crapbag.

Lets face it. Being positive the way world defines it, makes one stupid. Ever seen those dumbfuck K-type soap operas on TV? Their protagonists are like damn angels. TRPs love them. People of India love them. People of Pakistan love them (because it gives them hope that Indians will turn more stupid than them if they keep watching such serials.. although it can never be possible because we might get stupider, but we can never beat a nation whose only major export is a fuckin jehadi!).

But are those protagonists intelligent? Do they have good lives? NO. They are the ones who are always fucked, cheated, thrown out of the house, kicked in balls etc etc etc. Now you may say; "But Mayank! They do win in the end, dont they?". Well, yes.. but thats a serial whose story is tweaked in a way thats supposed to make them win. In real life, they will be a fried toast.

Coming to real life now.. look at all the good people / nations around us. Look at India. We are such an angel nation, arent we? Pakistan, US, China scold us, humiliate us but ooo! we love peace! We are so good. And what have we achieved by being good? Dog food. Yes. When assholes like this Dow spokeswoman (Kathy Hunt) can make remarks (in context of the Bhopal tragedy) such as "$500 is good enough for an Indian" ; what standing do you think we have in the world's eyes?

Anyways, coming to people now; does anyone remember a certain Mr Jawahar Lal Nehru? Now frankly, I respect him because of his vision regarding education and heavy industry in India. But , out of sheer goodwill, he denounced a sureshot UN general assembly seat in China's favor. And what results did his famous 'Panchsheel' yield? The betrayal of 1962 when Chinese forces had reached upto Lucknow.

There are thousands of examples but this post isnt about that. Its about "being negative and being happy". Frankly, the world is a crappy and shitty place full of deutche-bags who dont give a shit for you. So, why be an angel for this set of demented minds? Why try to be good for everyone, trust them and see goodness in them when they DONT have it? Assholes who constantly worship during Navratri nights but kill new born girls on other days dont have goodness in them. Terrorist bitches who kill our innocent citizens and soldiers have no goodness in them. If you think they have.. go get yourself a medic. Except your friends and parents (not even damn relatives), why care for anyone else in the end? Trust me, being negative helps.

The world is full of crap. Being overtly good means you take loads of it and ultimately get buried in.. right! a pile of shit!

Be negative and frustrated. Channelize your anger and negativity into something that makes you feel like you own the world. Look at genius "baddies" like Einstein or Michelangelo. Or Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon. They and their types are the people who dont come here to fade away. They instead take the world by its horns and own it.

Now, I know many people will read this and say "Mayank! Dont you think that we will go to hell if we arent good"? Well, three words for you: Get a brain! If you are overtly good and let morons fuck you every now and then by taking advantage of you, trust me.. you wont reach heaven. Infact God will slap you on your ass and ask you a basic ques. "Why the hell you wasted your life"?

Theres a very simple fact. We all have passions which this world seldom understands and if it does, it simply works to belittle them or destroy them. So, why give a damn? Lets be cynical, negative and a skeptic. And lets be creative. Peace!



Priya shah said...

Hate to admit it.. but you are quite right :)

Loved the post....

Riya said...

thats y like u so much man! You can write a really serious post on love, super funny one on mahajanMan and on abstrct topics like this with equal ease... You rock ! :):)

N, wont say i agree wit u 100% but trust me..wont tell u to 'b positive' :P

Mayank said...

@PS.. thanks

@Riya.. Hope u r 'positive' abt tht :P

Sweta said...

Your idea of channelising -ve feeling and frustration to something creative is good.

But meke sure you don't transfer your -vety to someone else (your readers)

best of luck :)

varsha said...

you get your point across well Mayank-but the Language!

Maybe I am from a more delicate generation.
Complacency=Stagnation-I agree with you there.

nikita said... a terrific post....loved it...

what india got after being goody good...really...dogfood...had a good laugh...

i so...hope we change..

Hiyaa said...

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to Goooooooooo! I can understand the protests by those who do not see things the way it is. Life is full of illusions and lies. Who knows the truth. Like the direct approach to stripping things down to barest truths. The ONE SINGLE truth we need to realise is, each person really is doing his own stuff for himself. Everyone cribs and cries but heck, is anything being done? Nope! Your statement about its just your parents, spouse and kids in some cases and friends that eventually your life is rotating around.
We are hypocrites. Undoubtedly.
Chammat post! Thumbs up!

Mayank said...


Na.. I dont intend to transfer it.. if sm1 does take it, thats their sole discretion :)

Thanks for droppin by :)

@Nikita ..
I also hope the same.. unfortunately, we Indians resist change with full force so keepin fingers super-crossed :)

Yup.. only the barest truth can keep us afloat... Thanks for appreciation :)


Anonymous said...

Nice way of putting your views forth.

iriDescent speculist .... they say thoughts carry weight, damn !! I'll neva b thin !! said...

superb it..tuff words at times and easy at some...but don't agree completely to everythin...i know...don't bea push-over n let the world fuck u over..but i guess every1 needs to be given chance to prove wut they r..n in the end, ur arse n d hole is urs only's always in ur hands na ven not to get fuckedd over...just a thot...

P.S.: Thank God i dint ask u to keep a positive attitude..had thot of it on some post..bacch aye.. ;) dude

Mayank said...

@ Neha .. Thanks....

@ Iridescent.. lol :).. thnks for comment dude...

Ankita said...

awesome post...totally agree wid u...every1 has a habit of cribbing n crying without taking their life in their control...moreover even I am also a strong believer in capitalism...socialism will one day ruin dis country...
once again I should say a gr8 post