Thursday, July 15, 2010


Dear Indian "Soccer Fans" ,

You are truly one of a kind. The world cup is over and so is the mania surrounding it. And so is your "interest". You are the breed who sprouts up when such mega football events are on. You, my friends, are our very own soccer fans- the Indian "soccer fans".

You are greater than even Paul the octopus! O Lords of soccer! You may not know who Rooney is but he is your favorite player. You may think Messi plays for Brazil but you are his die-hard supporter. You may even think that Diego Maradona is a mafia bouncer rather than a great former player and current Argentine coach but well.. no-one shall question your football interest and prowess. As its written in the holy Soccer book

" Thou shall not question the losers.. err, "fans" "


Often your favorite team in any world cup is Brazil. Not only because its unarguably the most successful and famous soccer team but also because you really like its short screen name ('Bra'). Heck, you even carve out cheeky jokes on this thing such as It has really 'supported' ladies since beginning; now its their turn to return the favour.. support 'bra' zil .
But when probed carefully, it turns out that all you know about Brazil is Samba, hot female fans and some dude named Pele. You dont even know what "jogo bonito" is, but who can question your awesome fan-ness for Brazil.

And since you like English Premier league and ofcourse, Manchester United or Chelsea so much; your second best team becomes England. You only know about Rooney or Terry but hey, who cares. After all, you are the Gods. You know.


Now, lets come to your pre/ post game analysis. You analyse so well that you make Mandira Body.. err, Bedi look like a cricketing genius! You declare in a few words of wisdom that Brazil will win the world cup because they have Messi playing for them and he is the world's Best player. Its a complete different fact though that Argentines all over will be hating you because Messi is from their nation but hey, who gives a damn!

And in same awesome breath, you declare that Maradona will be the top scorer this World cup. He retired in 1994 but well.. thats a minor detail!

You shed tears.. atleast you show, you get sad etc when Brazil loses out. But since you are the Gods, you pick yourself up and start supporting some other team which is undergoing a good form. That team was Spain this time. And just because everyone was saying they play with flair, you also say that.. without realising that Spain play a counter-to-flair-infact-boring game. But we meek people shall never challenge you.


So the WC gets over. Now what? Spain won. "Your team" won. Yay! But now what? I know you will go back to your original team, Brazil. No problem with that.

And as for post WC blues, well theres always the Premier league. All you will do is replace "World cup" with "premier league" and "Brazil" with "Manchester united / Chelsea" and rest will remain same. The brilliant analysis, the understanding of soccer, the support for "your team".. the show goes on!

All hail soccer!

All hail the great Indian "Soccer Fan" !



Giribala said...

This is an eye opener!!! I thought everyone except me knew a lot about soccer!

Priya shah said...

Awesome !!! Back wit a bang dude :).. R we gonna c this 1 next tues on blogadda? hehe

Mayank said...


Trust me.. Most Soccer fans know only one thing abt soccer: The teams have 11 players ! :)


Thanks ......