Monday, July 26, 2010


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" I dream for a living"
- Steven Spielberg

Dreams are nothing but a reflection of who we are. And dream jobs? Nothing but figments of our mind which want pure happiness but have to battle constantly such phrases like "What?? If you paint, how will you earn??" ; "Khandaan ki izzat ko mitti mein milana hai kya??" or a more sophisticated "Guitar?? Band?? Abe, ye sab karega to biwi ko kahan se khilaega saale! "

Most of us have seen '3 Idiots' and often face what the characters in that movie faced: A conflict between heart and mind. A conflict between "living" and "dream job". And the most desirable scenario is when these two converge to form a single path.. thats when we truly ARRIVE!

Anyhow, talking about my dreams. Dream job to be precise.

I will take a cue from the awesomely cool song ' Bittersweet symphony' by The Verve here. Theres a line in one of the para " I am a million different people one day to the next.. I cant change" . It puts forth my life's dilemma perfectly. I have never known EXACTLY what my perfect dream job is.

Sample this:

At 21, I wanted to be a writer because I used to write good random stuff like poetry and articles for local magazines.

At 22, I started learning guitar and had so much angst in me against the bloody world and system, I decided to be a rocker.

At 23, I joined MBA .. and thats where my life changed! How? I finally realized what my dream job could feel like!!

During MBA at UBS, Panjab University, Chandigarh ; I realized that am averse to work. Not working hard.. but work. Simple. My attendance record, my studying record and my submission-of-assignments-way-beyond-deadline record corroborate this fact. I realized that am happy earning a decent salary in a company where lifes easy and the snake of deadlines isnt out to sting you each day! I realized that I wanted a job where I can come home at 7 PM, eat , watch TV and sleep. You know.. cool life. And yes, I wanted weekends off too.

In brief, I realized that I am happy working like a king, not an ass. And henceforth I decided that Public/ Government sector is the dream destination for me.. not 'Rs 1-lac salary-but-no-life otherwise' thing. I mean really, whats the use of earning exorbitant amount as salary when you have no bloody time to spend it on one thing that matters the most: Life!

I realized that life, for me, isnt a race. Its something which you should enjoy by having plenty of start-stop moments. An easy going life was something I wanted. A life where I have sufficient money and time to splurge on my passions such as music and travelling. Heck, I am able to write this post owing to my job only.. the time it gives me, you see.

Coming back to MBA time; when it came to placements, I realised that world has changed. All because of Lehmann Bhai log (Brothers). And suddenly, everyone was wanting a Government job. But as they say that 'if you really want something, nature conspires to bring it to you' ; despite stiff competition , I was able to get a good job at a good Government company and that too in my domain: Finance.

And then it happened! After the first month at job, I got a sudden realization: Heck, I am in my dream job saala! I dont have to work like an ass but like a king. And I was / am loving every moment of it.

And I realised finally what actually is a dream job. Its not about anything else but inner happiness. Watever gives you happiness and freedom to breathe. Just know your real self. Know yourself using mind and go on to acquire whats required for happiness, with heart.

Life aint a race man.. slow down and let your dreams take centrestage!

Cheers .............


Moumita said...

You have precisely voiced every man's wish... to have a job and feel happy to do it. But not every body is as lucky as you. Good luck with the contest.

Mayank said...


Thanks for wishes :)

Kaalicharan/Calvy said...

Nice post Mayank!

Life passes us by while we are busy minting money, you rightly said what's the point in having 5 figure salary if there's no time!

Keerthi P said...

Let the same good luck which landed you in your dream job help you in the contest!
Loved how your dream job changes every year :D

Mayank said...


Thanks :)

@ Keerthi
Thanks fr wishes... And there have been times wen My dream job used to change evryday :)

Nandana S Nallapu said...

Nice post you lucky chap!! Not many would be there.
Good luck :)

Priya said...

Nice post! I totally agree that your dream job is about what makes you happy at that time - you needn't have actually dreamed about it before!!
Good luck with the contest!

Niket said...

Nice post have earned yourself a new follower! :P

Mayank said...

@Nandana , Priya

Thanks for the wishes :)..

@ Niket

Thanks for the appreciation dude :)


Priya shah said...

You are one hell of a writer ! From downright 'expletive sarcasm' to this... amazin :)..

Gr8 post Mayank !!

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

all the best mayank!

thank you for good wishes.

cHiRaiNdA BlOgGeR said...

hmm.. one fine day all hell ll break loose and ill also quit ;)

krianan said...

yah yah ur sure lucky, stop blowin ur own trumphet there... so bloody envious of u , gt wat u wanted widout 2 muc stress n best part is ur lovin it nt 2muc ur dream job pays u (enuf 2 let u atkeast sit back , relax and njoy widout havin 2 stress 2muc abt the real pay packet wic really peanuts in 2day inflation!!)
n bst part mayu u dn hav 2 liv wid ppl sayin oh bt u knew wat u wer gtn into n well u in dis profession its the cause dat matters...nt the pay!!!! its the passion the dedication blah blah ...ur truly livin life kingsize gud fr u!! btw plz kp dat position fr the assitant open mite need 2 appy really sooon dun like da placement secne goin currently ...:((

Mayank said...

@Restless .... thnx :)


hell is already breakin loose dude! I mean.. dont u watch television ? :)

Khair.. read ur blog... pretty cool.. keep up the rant.. peace !

Mayank said...

@Carol (krianan)

Dont pay attention to wht ppl say yar... if u r enjoyin wht u doin, the world is urs to take!


Anonymous said...

I can relate to this .. sweet.

nikita said... i got it..

i still haven't got my dream job....sigh...

and i still do wana be a writer....


keep working like a king....god bless you..

Ana_treek said...

Those are the exact same questions I asked myself in college, N though I didn't choose a govt job, I'm very happy with the one that I've got.. nice post!

FrozenFire said...

a dream job is something tht keeps u happy .....depends on how u define happiness neh.....i mean thr r ppl out thr who hav associated money with happiness in their minds.....take mine for ex....i wanna earn lots of money till 28 and then quit working and travel the even if i end up sufferin the first few yrs of my work....i enjoy the rest of my life

Mayank said...

@Frozen..... I have 2 questions. If you associate only happiness with money.. how much will be enuf ? And what if you dont hv ur 'target' even wen u r 30? Agreed that happiness is subjective.. but money is an end to some mean. Its not the end.