Monday, July 26, 2010


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" I dream for a living"
- Steven Spielberg

Dreams are nothing but a reflection of who we are. And dream jobs? Nothing but figments of our mind which want pure happiness but have to battle constantly such phrases like "What?? If you paint, how will you earn??" ; "Khandaan ki izzat ko mitti mein milana hai kya??" or a more sophisticated "Guitar?? Band?? Abe, ye sab karega to biwi ko kahan se khilaega saale! "

Most of us have seen '3 Idiots' and often face what the characters in that movie faced: A conflict between heart and mind. A conflict between "living" and "dream job". And the most desirable scenario is when these two converge to form a single path.. thats when we truly ARRIVE!

Anyhow, talking about my dreams. Dream job to be precise.

I will take a cue from the awesomely cool song ' Bittersweet symphony' by The Verve here. Theres a line in one of the para " I am a million different people one day to the next.. I cant change" . It puts forth my life's dilemma perfectly. I have never known EXACTLY what my perfect dream job is.

Sample this:

At 21, I wanted to be a writer because I used to write good random stuff like poetry and articles for local magazines.

At 22, I started learning guitar and had so much angst in me against the bloody world and system, I decided to be a rocker.

At 23, I joined MBA .. and thats where my life changed! How? I finally realized what my dream job could feel like!!

During MBA at UBS, Panjab University, Chandigarh ; I realized that am averse to work. Not working hard.. but work. Simple. My attendance record, my studying record and my submission-of-assignments-way-beyond-deadline record corroborate this fact. I realized that am happy earning a decent salary in a company where lifes easy and the snake of deadlines isnt out to sting you each day! I realized that I wanted a job where I can come home at 7 PM, eat , watch TV and sleep. You know.. cool life. And yes, I wanted weekends off too.

In brief, I realized that I am happy working like a king, not an ass. And henceforth I decided that Public/ Government sector is the dream destination for me.. not 'Rs 1-lac salary-but-no-life otherwise' thing. I mean really, whats the use of earning exorbitant amount as salary when you have no bloody time to spend it on one thing that matters the most: Life!

I realized that life, for me, isnt a race. Its something which you should enjoy by having plenty of start-stop moments. An easy going life was something I wanted. A life where I have sufficient money and time to splurge on my passions such as music and travelling. Heck, I am able to write this post owing to my job only.. the time it gives me, you see.

Coming back to MBA time; when it came to placements, I realised that world has changed. All because of Lehmann Bhai log (Brothers). And suddenly, everyone was wanting a Government job. But as they say that 'if you really want something, nature conspires to bring it to you' ; despite stiff competition , I was able to get a good job at a good Government company and that too in my domain: Finance.

And then it happened! After the first month at job, I got a sudden realization: Heck, I am in my dream job saala! I dont have to work like an ass but like a king. And I was / am loving every moment of it.

And I realised finally what actually is a dream job. Its not about anything else but inner happiness. Watever gives you happiness and freedom to breathe. Just know your real self. Know yourself using mind and go on to acquire whats required for happiness, with heart.

Life aint a race man.. slow down and let your dreams take centrestage!

Cheers .............

Saturday, July 24, 2010


[ Note: Very very short post .. owing to the fact that its being written at 2 AM in a caffeine deficient environment! ]

I often wonder whether we are in the midst of a coming disaster? Forget 2012, I think the end is far nearer (Cool irony eh?). Now, why do i say this? The reason is simple>> There are hell lots of reasons !!

But for now, lets just concentrate on one burning issue: SOAP OPERA STUPIDITY !

When Baird invented the shit called TV in 1928, he couldnot have possibly imagined the results of unleashing this idiot box on stupid masses. The amount of shitpile and crap that is on TV nowadays, is proof enough that as a civilization; we have gone bonkers! Dont believe me? Then, how will you justify the fact that the national news since last 2-3 days is the 'unveiling' of new Anandi in Balika Vadhu ?? Frankly speaking, I have no problems with the show. I can easily overlook the fact that its basically exploiting a sensitive issue for profits and TRPs. I wont even contest the fact that a child bride whos shown happy with her marriage and enjoying herself at rich inlaws' big house will actually do more damage and encourage such marriages in rural areas. But I am not willing to digest the general stupidity around this / other shows. I cant get over the shock that every freaking part of my body got when news channels went around covering people praying for Anandi's life when she was "fighting death" at hospital in the show.

Seriously WTF man!! Anandi is a fictional character for Hell's sake! I can understand that we develop a certain emotional connect with the characters we love. I, personally, marvel the genius of Sherlock Holmes and Karamchand ; I know how much I enjoy watching the mis-adventures of Jerry, Elaine, Kramer and George on Seinfeld and ofcourse, who can forget that eternal show 'Office Office'? But to actually believe that these characters are real people? Get a life!

These idiotic soaps have only used such sensitive issues to garner TRPs by exploiting the ever-fragile emotions of us Indians. Wheres the fight against child marriage (Balika Vadhu)? Wheres the issue of female foeticide now (Na Aana is Des Laado)? Where the hell are the issues?

And the answer is perhaps best explained by the words from a song by the Irish band 'Cranberries' >


Logic is dead! Long live the logic!


Thursday, July 15, 2010


Dear Indian "Soccer Fans" ,

You are truly one of a kind. The world cup is over and so is the mania surrounding it. And so is your "interest". You are the breed who sprouts up when such mega football events are on. You, my friends, are our very own soccer fans- the Indian "soccer fans".

You are greater than even Paul the octopus! O Lords of soccer! You may not know who Rooney is but he is your favorite player. You may think Messi plays for Brazil but you are his die-hard supporter. You may even think that Diego Maradona is a mafia bouncer rather than a great former player and current Argentine coach but well.. no-one shall question your football interest and prowess. As its written in the holy Soccer book

" Thou shall not question the losers.. err, "fans" "


Often your favorite team in any world cup is Brazil. Not only because its unarguably the most successful and famous soccer team but also because you really like its short screen name ('Bra'). Heck, you even carve out cheeky jokes on this thing such as It has really 'supported' ladies since beginning; now its their turn to return the favour.. support 'bra' zil .
But when probed carefully, it turns out that all you know about Brazil is Samba, hot female fans and some dude named Pele. You dont even know what "jogo bonito" is, but who can question your awesome fan-ness for Brazil.

And since you like English Premier league and ofcourse, Manchester United or Chelsea so much; your second best team becomes England. You only know about Rooney or Terry but hey, who cares. After all, you are the Gods. You know.


Now, lets come to your pre/ post game analysis. You analyse so well that you make Mandira Body.. err, Bedi look like a cricketing genius! You declare in a few words of wisdom that Brazil will win the world cup because they have Messi playing for them and he is the world's Best player. Its a complete different fact though that Argentines all over will be hating you because Messi is from their nation but hey, who gives a damn!

And in same awesome breath, you declare that Maradona will be the top scorer this World cup. He retired in 1994 but well.. thats a minor detail!

You shed tears.. atleast you show, you get sad etc when Brazil loses out. But since you are the Gods, you pick yourself up and start supporting some other team which is undergoing a good form. That team was Spain this time. And just because everyone was saying they play with flair, you also say that.. without realising that Spain play a counter-to-flair-infact-boring game. But we meek people shall never challenge you.


So the WC gets over. Now what? Spain won. "Your team" won. Yay! But now what? I know you will go back to your original team, Brazil. No problem with that.

And as for post WC blues, well theres always the Premier league. All you will do is replace "World cup" with "premier league" and "Brazil" with "Manchester united / Chelsea" and rest will remain same. The brilliant analysis, the understanding of soccer, the support for "your team".. the show goes on!

All hail soccer!

All hail the great Indian "Soccer Fan" !