Monday, May 17, 2010


Why should people go out and pay to see bad movies when they can stay home and see bad television for nothing ~ Samuel Goldwin

Television, mostly, is pure junk; except for FTV and some illegal russian porn channels (To all Tata sky and Reliance fans: Local colony cable connection still rocks!). And you know what adds to this pile of dumb shit? Kids on reality shows!

Now, am not going to support ban on children from takin part in reality shows coz they take a toll on their little crap minds or its disguised child labour..blah blah for all I care. I dont give a shit for these kids and the pressure on their minds. I just hate kids on reality shows coz they are fuckin irritatin! I can tolerate adults making a fool of themselves coz thats atleast sarcastically enjoyable. Moreover its so entertaining when talentless judges rip apart a contestant. As soon as he / she starts cryin, I know its gonna turn into super hilarious. And once in a while, some hot chick also takes part and well.. who wouldnt love that!

But children? They irritate the hell out of me!! Here, i would like to take you into a history tour. Before Rahul Mahajan got a chance to nail 16 brainless chicks for 3 weeks and 1 Dimpy for life, he used to judge (thats correct!) a comedy show for children. One after one, those stupid kids came with their ageless first standard jokes and judges used to roll on floor with laughter! Imagine the pain! Take a look btw>

BEFORE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

AND AFTER >>>>>>>

And please.. I am not buying the shit that you cant expect awesum humour from little angels. Frankly, if they cant produce that, they shouldnt be on TV. My TV time can tolerate mediocrity but it aint for blatant stupidity.

And ofcourse, the dance reality shows. Where should i begin? Perhaps, from girls. Girls aged 8-14. Who dance to remixes and Rakhi sawant songs in skimpy outfits and garish make-up. Need i say more? These so called 'little princesses' are nothing but 'rakhi sawants in the making'. But even this aint the funniest part. That credit goes to their fuckin parents who feel so damn proud when their little darling is shaking to 'hips dont lie'. BTW, heres a video from an American show.. just to prove my point:

[ Vid ]

Now, before some moron shouts that it doesnt happen in india.. well it does mate! And nowdays, theres a new show where kids b/w 3-6 are dancin their asses off! Heights of Awesum-ness.

Now, i really dont give a damn about our future generations. They can spoil themselves and become Rakhi sawant. Devil may care! But please.. atleast make these shows a little less stupid! Please spare me the fake concerns of these idiotic judges! I was so fuckin irritated when Farah "I aint buddy with SRK anymore" Khan cutely told an irritatin 3 year old contestant in final audition round: "You dance well but you are so young. We wont allow you further into this show as its too much pressure for you" ! Where was this fuckin concern you idiot when that kid first gave her audition or you first saw her? Fakeness personified!

Frankly speaking, kids are always irritating. And such irritations on reality shows.. make a gigantic irritation which can wipe out the entire human race by sheer stupidity. So, heres a message for kids: Go you morons. Spoil yourselves. Do drugs, get wasted watever. I give a shit. But please! dont do reality shows. You have a right to kill self thru drugs.. but not the entire god-damn human race thru reality stupidity!

I hope my pleas dont go unheard! Amen.

Time to sign off and return to my daily dose of The Great Indian Comedy (India TV.. what else!)..

Cheers yo'all ................................



Priya shah said...

hehe... truly back in form ! These kids are seriously very irritatin .. esp. when they cry and they play the emotionl background music...

awesome post :)

ANON said...

WTF ? I guess u r one of those agnst talents? JEalous kinda rght? Kids have talent n they r being gvn pltforms to display tht.. y u feelin jelous man?

Ankita Rao said...

HAHA! Awsm post again :) .. Farah "aint friend with SRK anymore" Khan !! U n ur imagination :).. Cool post onc again.

Mayank said...

@ PS , AR

Thanks ......


Jealous?? Awesome! You didnt get the essence of tht article did u? And talkin abt platforms... yeah! They r being given that. And they arent leavin any stones unturned to display .. albeit stupidity.

BTW, y am i suspicious tht your kid has just cleared frst round of some stupid reality show? LOL


Sandhya said...

"comedy Circus" where only one contestant was a little girl amongst all adults and taking part in "not suitable for kids" kind of acts, the judges were all praise for that little girl!! WTH?? Reality shows are ruining our future generations by exposing them to things not so real after all!

ANON said...

Dont b too suspcs dude.. i jst said wht i said coz it felt to me u r jealous n all. If u aint so ok. No need to get persnl here ok? We all hv rght to xpress our opinions and frankly I ddnt like ur post at all. There.

Mayank said...


Yep.. In one of the acts, she played mogambo n had sm racy dialogues with 'Sridevi' . And they think thats funny !



Arre yar. Its ur mind. You didnt like it..thts fine. What amazed me was tht you read the post and criticised me on jealousy?? The jist is irritation towards little pricks on reality TV. And frankly, m not at all jealous of stupidity.

ANON said...

Righto.. its my mind. And it thought tht u just jealous. May b thts ur irritation or reasn fr labellin it stupidity. I agree tht pressure is immense on kids bt if they want to persue smthng.. its their wish .

Mayank said...

Anon... ssly ; u really believe tht 3-9 yr olds actually think n know wht they want? Sure, We have child prodigies.. we even have ppl like Ayn Rand who, on her own, decided at age 9 tht she wanted to b an author n achieved tht ... but u think everyone is like that ? No! The parents brainfeed them.. hence, the extreme reactions of disappointment frm kids upon being rejected in sm shitty show.

And again > I am not jealous of stupidity. Get a perspective.

Ankita said...


This is gettin hilarious yar . You sure go ahead and crtcz but surely, its no jealousy here ! :)

divine nothings said...

this is so feaking true >=( .. I've stopped watching tv for this reason.. my only solace is my internet..
and at the person above "ANON" : buddy , is ur child on it ? n do u think the author would actually be jealous of kid which is trained like a circus monkey ? yeah.. u must be leading a sad sad life !

divine nothings said...

nice post :) ! i seriously thank god for internet facilities with decent d-load speed. TV is a pain
@ aNON : buddy , is ur child on it a reality show ? n i doubt the author would be someone who's jealous of kid trained like a circus monkey ! yeah , u lead a sad sad life !