Monday, May 24, 2010


My God! What a sin have we committed ! We dont deserve to live. We are fuckin morons!
Why you wanna ask ? Coz Hrithik Roshan (HR) thinks so. And why does he think so? Coz Indians didnt like 'Kites'.

Surprised? Well, the bus conductor turned actor has ranted in a recent interview to Delhi Times and I am quoting: " Yes.. LA Times, NY Times, Hollywood reporter; everyone has said good things about the film and God, our country is putting it down. For what agenda? " He goes on to say that Kites is basically for 'Western' Audiences.

Well, I have a message for HR: Do you fuckin think we all are dumb morons? I agree that people in India are generally stupid. Hence, movies like My Name is Khan become hits while Swades bombs. But they arent zombies. Kites is a bad movie. Infact its so bad that even those chicks (IQ: 2.1 ; brain dead , drowned in pink) who worship you; disliked it. For once, they used their 2.1 IQ-ish brain. But if you have it your way, Kites should be compared to Sholay or Kagaz ke Phool .

Lets just analyse the HR statement, shall we? He basically means,

> Bollywood is a freakin' sell-out to NRI / Western Audiences and it doesnt care about Indian audiences at all

> Karan Johar and HR types dish out movies that an American may like w/o giving a shit about audiences back home

> Indians have no brains and deserve to be slaves of 'Goras' forever. Coz if they think a movie is good, IT IS. It doesnt matter what a stupid Indian thinks.

> George Washington matters more than Mahatma Gandhi.

> Just to get a bit role in some Hollywood production and suck those last pieces of shit left hanging from American assholes after the wash, ignore Indian audiences.

Now, we all know that Kites was a hit even before it released. The marketing blitz ensured that. And the politically-correct Western critics 'liked it'. But that doesnt make it a good movie, does it HR? And those dumbfuck critics? They have taken an inspiration in political correctness from India. Just like we wont hang Afzal so as to not hurt sentiments of a particular religion; they also will lap up a stupid movie coz its Indian (minority).

Well, to answer HR in a simple way:

Why we didnt like Kites?

1 > Its an ass numbing stupidity
2 > Its a bone chilling stupidity
3 > Its a 'commit suicide after watchin' kinda stupidity.

Basically, its nothing but stupidity. To HR's credit, its less moron-ish than that 'Khan' movie. But it still is dumb, you Jackass.

Well I have nothing further to say. After reading HR's interview today morning, I just wanted to play Table-tennis with his balls. All these sell-outs like HR, Johar , Aishwarya Rai.. they need to be given a tight slap, Haryanvi style, and brought to their senses. All these pseudo-talents make / act in 'Westernised' Indian movies so as to get noticed by the Western media and get a chance to work in some nice Hollywood production and become a global star. Well, guess what ? Just a scene in a movie featuring Brad Pitt , Steve Martin etc doesnt make you a crossover star Dammit !

Wheres the sanity??

Oh BTW, in a completely unrelated news: Mallika Sherawat (new crossover movie: Hissss) got snubbed by Paris Hilton at some hollywood party and was told that Paris hasnt heard of her or her crossover movie. In brief, the bitch got canned. Same fate awaits all the crossover wanna-bees.

Lord save these dick-heads.

Cheers....... Hic.


Priya shah said...

Nice post hehe... i read that too.. He also said tht movie has become first indian production to release in 37 countirs .. and we arent proud of this feat !

Ankita said...

I actually lykd the movie.. bt totally agree wit the sentimnt here... awesum write again!

n i loved the line.. George washington more imprtnt than gandhi :) ... terrific

@WTF said...

I read that n felt angry too.. B'wood movies r bcmng more for NRI audiences n less for us which is totally stupid... Creative freedom etc apart.. a movie should ATLEAST hs a storyline !!

ANON said...

Mayank, i thnk this post is very chavinistc. Dont u thnk tht these 'westernised' movies raise stds of film mkng in india? Besides, "HR" hs a right to expression.

Mayank said...

@PS , AR

Thanks again :)


Yup.. storylines r often compromised fr style which dsnt matter in the end.. a.k.a. 'Blue'



Production stds should b raised ofcourse but the movie SHOULD BE for Indian audiences , nt fr western ones. Y? Coz the movie is a Bollywood production , Duh... And, thats the core of this post. Besides.. chauvinistic? You serious , really? Some dude tells me smday tht Taj Mahal is bad as sm American has criticised it n m nt supposed to defend that? (Undrstnd the analogy here bfr commenting again)

Rahul said...

nice post bro.... I also flt angry at tht moron wen i read the intrview......


Bhai WTF? HR should express na..not blame us jaisa vo kar raha hai.....

ANON1 said...

Mayank, all m sayin is tht theres a specific trgt audience fr every mov. May b kites wsnt meant fr indian audiences at all.

Rahul, dnt thnk he ws blamin us. He jst had hs point watever.

Mayank said...

Now u r contradictin here. If it wsnt meant for Indian audiences, then HR has absolutely NO rght to even express himself in any which way. If tmrw Spiderman 4 falls flat in India, will Warner Bros castigate Indians?

niyu said...

Hvnt seen kites bt agree wit the post... it may / maynt b a stupid mov but HR cn surely cant get away by sayin tht shit !

Rahul said...

ANON bhai.. he was. Read DT again...

Shrey said...

hey man.. nice post..came across ur blog as fluke... n must admt> laughd a lot! LOL

Anonymous said...

Great stuff!!!Keep up the aggression.

Deepika Vasudeva said...

OK wait. i m among those gals that u say worship hritik (yup.. long live HR) and i too disliked.. actually hated kites. actually i skipped it after the intermission, saving myself from more boredom

i didn't saw the interview so believing what u wrote i feel that was wrong on HR's part
its not compulsory that we would like the movie if some other ppl say its perfect, specially when its half the Spanish!