Sunday, May 9, 2010


"The function of socialism is to raise suffering to a higher level."
-- Norman Mailer


Back to ranting after 12 days. And no better topic to destroy than Socialism. In other words, this >

So well; whats socialism? For me, its a plain stupid way of fuckin already distressed souls so as to uplift other distressed ones. And guess what? In this process, neither benefits except the guy who controls the transfer.

There are countless pricks who advocate the need for brotherhood and the need for being your brother's keeper. My question to them is: And what about me? Should I stuff a tree up my ass and give my resources to charity? No way I say !! And contrary to what some morons suggest: It aint a sin to be selfish at all!

Now, why am so anti-socialism? The answer to this question lies in the very fact that its a highly intelligent way of screwing everyone around you in the name of charity. That pic above is bang on point. Socialism does nothing good to the poor. All it does is to give them some money etc for sometime but not for eternity.. kinda like givin him fish rather than teachin him how to.. you get the point. Dont believe me? Look at the three truly socialist economies today :

Cuba , West Bengal, North Korea.

What do you realise? Dont know about you but when I saw people living in extreme poverty on the main streets of Kolkata (not slum areas; the MAIN arterial roads), I just wanted to shoot rockets into socialist asses.

The crudest example of socialism gone hell crazy is the recent financial crisis. Surprised? Well, many fuckers have tried over zealously.. sometimes to the point of leakage in the strategic places of their bodies.. that capitalism is the root of all evil. Well, I have a spoiler for them: NO YOU DARN FOOLS! Its Socialism. How? I shall explain. But first, a tribute to the thing that caused this shit: Credit Default Swaps [CDSs]. An innovative financial product which was super innovative in inventing ways of sucking out every penny from the darn system!

The basic premise of financial debacle was that some assholes [A1] gave away huge home loans to dubious assholes [A2] without checking their credentials. A1 inturn sold those loans as CDSs to other assholes [A3] like Morgan Stanley, Lehmann etc. . Without getting into further intricacies and running the risk of a boring post ; I will come to the main point. The home prices crashed, A2 defaulted [duh! they had dubious credentials anyway remember?] and A3- the big banks- shut shop!

Now, here comes the genius of socialists > as explained through a conversation between 2 social creeps:

S1 : Duuude! What an opportunity to revive communism and socialism!
S2 : You betcha!! Lets blame the crisis on capitalism. LET THOSE BANKERS DIE! HAHA !!

S3 : But what about the fact that it happened coz Government favoured giving cheap housing loans at 0% interest to poor people who were almost certain to default? They sometimes coaxed banks into doing this. Aint that actually socialism?

S4 : Watever dude ! We have to blame capitalism! And we will get loads of support from lazy morons like us.

S5 : Hehe! yeah ! Political correctness and blatant refusal to apply minds and thought on part of people will surely get us support! I can almost cry now!

Now, before someone points out that its too convenient an explanation; I will say it myself. It is. Coz its hell simple. Govt. thought that people with shitty credit history should get loans at 0% rate. Capitalism would have been totally against that as thats bad loss making business sense! But ultimately, it gets the boot! Awesum.

What have we achieved by embracing socialism? Nothing at all except more poverty. Its easier to sit in AC rooms and advocate socialism than to be out there and live like its victim. It tells people not to dream and work hard to achieve but to sit there waitin for alms from those who actually dont buy this shit and work hard.

Ayn Rand once said that capitalism, just like Science, isnt bad. People who practice it wrong; they are. But Socialism? Its downright shit!

Anyhow, time to end this particular rant!

But before that: desperately irritating, not subtle at all and blatant in-your-face self-promotion:

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Sandhya said...

Whoa! That was serious socialism bashing :-)

Priya shah said...

hehe... nice one once again. Karl Marx would have committed suicide had he read ths..

Harshad said...

i have always advocated Capitalism...

doesn't it make more sense to let the ACTUAL market forces of basic, demand - supply decide the prices?

what's with the subsidies , licensing n crap?

thumbs up for ur post man! :D

Mayank said...


Yeah..I kinda blame it for all the misery arnd :)


@PS .. I wish he did!



thanks... N Yea, socialism is a heavy prick coz socialists work on the premises of thwartin rather than contributing.