Saturday, May 22, 2010


I want to go to heaven .. wherever the hell that is
~ Ayn Rand

Religion. Yes, thats right. The thing which 'motivates' people to kill each other like total jack-asses while shoutin ' My Gods strongest ' !

I sincerely believe that religion is nothing but a shameless stupidity thrust upon us. I seriously cant tolerate stuff people do in the name of religion. But well, this post aint about spreading the message of peace and brotherhood. The "Aman ki Ass-a" initiative from Times of India is enough for that. This thing is about why religion is nothing but a 12 inch rod up in the ass.

For starters, religion is a set of silly rituals; which people perform as fuckin duties! The first thing that comes to the mind of any temple etc visitin dude / dude-tte is to complete the idiotic rituals. Praying to God? Experiencing calm? Na.. just rituals. And our work here is done. Awesome. And these rituals are almost all mind-numbing. Add some mumbo-jumbo to that and voila! A masterpiece. Trust me when I say this, I have seen people walking backwards just to complete some damn ritual. Its like telling God "Wait dude! Will talk to you.. but first, you got some fire man? Have to light up this damn incense stick."

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And now coming to the most entertaining part: Killings. Now, am all for population control. But doing that noble deed in the name of religion is too much! There are so many cleaner and nicer methods like Rahul Majahan's Swayamvar , Indian cricket team's performance, girlfriends etc., but religion? Thats just shit. All those trishul and sickle wielding brats who dont get laid ever and hence are frustrated, need to get a perspective. And some fuckin brains too. All they do is to behave like zombies when some penis-mouthed asshole shouts out loud passing sermons to kill members of other religions.

Some piss-ants deliberately throw a dead cow / pig infront of temple and mosque , give inflammatory speeches and off they go! Thousands of fuckin morons who dont even think and just want to kill. This suggests that religion is a bigger brainwash than what happened to those 16 "we aint smart but have nice boobies" pricks who wooed Rahul Mahajan in that demented show.

My major irritatin with religion is the preachings / teachings. It does nothing except telling us to shove a tree up our ass and forego our pleasures. Consider the following things that religion treats as bad:

Inter-religion marriage


You get the gist dont you? Religion tells us that Dude! You have a nice ass. Present it on a platter to stupidity and forget all pleasures of life. In short, stop living.

I seriously dont believe how religion can treat sex as bad? May be coz these fuckin Gurus want to have all chicks for themselves. These Nityananda types want to alleviate us mortals from the sin committed by even thinking of sex. So, they bang and get banged themselves. O! So selfless of them !

Religion is a topic close to my heart. Coz everytime I encounter some religious fanatic, I want to die by heartattack! And thats why, the 'destruction' shall continue in Part 2.

As for now, I have a message for all those who might get offended by this post: Go. Complain to God. And dont bug me.



Ankita Rao said...

My Gods strongest ! Hehe.. Loved it.......

PS said...

awesm read once again :)

Rahul said...

Religion is total dumbfuckery man ! Hats off...nice post

niyu said...

dayyam ! mast writeup... kthnxbhai fr post LOL

Mayank said...

@All ..

Thanks ...........


Anonymous said...

100.0000% Agree...

Ana_treek said...

I think idol worship is the bane of our religion! It is the cornerstone for all the stupid rituals!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mayank,

nicely written..I loved the you expressed your anger and emotions..
I have always felt that all what you have written are thete in majority of the population's mind..even in our parents' age group..But most of them relate these with family prestige and ego.Also most of them are gutless.They are scared that if they think different,they may be screwed..

Like you told in the post,there is NOTHING as stupid as religion.At times I used to dream of, not an india,but a world with no religion..
We need God so that when we want we can say "Oh!!God"..whats the need for a name,a religion,a costume,a complexion and a gender for the God??

Anonymous said...

Very very juvenile post. You seem like you're trying to hard to get people to like you. You need to grow up and realize using slang and 'cool' language just shows how stupid you really are, jackass.


Mayank said...

@Anon ..

O No! I have offended ur sentiments Guru-ji ! .. I will rot in hell ! What a sin I have committed!!

Gimme a break.... Get over it u religious fanatic.

Nidaa C. said...

Awesum! Cheerz

Not a strong read, stil confused, but here you go, read wen u feel lik

Raj Mehra said...

Dude you are awesome ...!!!