Friday, April 16, 2010


Sometimes I need what only you can provide: your absence.
~ Ashleigh Brilliant

YES ! Thats right ! You damn human right activists (HRAs) !! You have stolen my human rights and have presented them to some jerk on a platter. This thing below describes just that [ source: ]

These HRAs r really a piss-off. Always advocatin rights for non-humans. People like Kasab, who kill innocents on camera while flashin 'V' signs, need to be killed in exactly the same way as cockroaches are done away with Baygon. But instead, they get their fuckin rights. And whos wronged ? Yup..we the people!

If I imagine a conversation b/w Kasab type person (KTP)n such HRAs (like Aroon-dhat-i Roy), it would go something like this> .. oh and BTW, i will be addin an extra 'A' for Asshole before KTP and HRA. You know why? Coz they are always throwin shit!

AHRA: Heya duude ! All well ?
AKTP: Awesum man! Been an year now! chillax atmosphere. M thinkin of applyin for Indian citizenship. thanks for support ya !! Esp. when you guys threatened the stupid jailer over the liqour they serve me. Infact, all coz of you, they are givin me Kingfisher nwdays instead of the usual desi 'Angoor ki beti' .
AHRA: (with tears) Just tryin our best dude! Our level best. Love ya. Mmuaah !
AKTP: (controllin irritation at this gay-panti) Yeah! Love ya too. Keep helpin me. O BTW! Wheres me girls i requested for? I aint gettin any! All we have here are assholes, literally.
AHRA: You got it bro! Next weekend, surely! And all in Indian taxpayers' account.
AKTP: (thinkin ) Screwed up Indians!!

Yes thats right! We screw ourselves earnin money and payin taxes..just so these terrorists can enjoy their lives in jail. Its like givin them an incentive to attack India. Come..kill..get saved by HRAs...enjoy in jail . Common man? Ah..screw him.

And why only Kasab and his like? How about Naxals? They kill 75 CISF jawans and nothing. But if a soldier hurts even a toenail of some damn naxal, HRAs are all over him! Esp these so-called intellectuals (will be 'analysed' in my next post HAHAHA). Now, Aroon-dhat-i Roy shows us a poor,sad lookin naxal woman and asks 'You assholes wanna kill her??'. What she doesnt notice though : A huuuge AK-47 hangin from her back.

And well, if Ray and Medha Patkar and 'Scratch-me-every 5 min.' Mahesh Bhatt and Aparna Sen and blah blah blah have naxals' cute pictures, I also have these:

The pics of victories. Sacrifices. Pride. Unlike those of fuckin terrorists and naxals who 'look' victimized..beggin for 'rights'.. whenever a camera approaches them.

Anyhow.. you know why these asshol-ish HRAs shout so loud? The answer is: They know they have no lives. No eggs and sperms. No prospects. And thats why they shout scandalously. To get noticed internationally. After all, where will you get 'donations' for your 'intellectual' booze parties if stupid bt rich intn'l organizations wont notice you. Thats the scam.

I sincerly do not buy the argument these morons use: "Well, these people are so low. They have killed. But society is intelligent. It shldnt degrade itself and kill them in return". Why shldnt we degrade to their level? They can come here, put a 15 inch long bamboo up in our ass and what do we say? OOO! Its so tacky to do the same to them. We'll all be saints, keep protectin HRs and keep gettin fucked badly in every hole God has fitted us with.

So, while the following:

> Soldiers,
> Their families,
> Common man,
> Rural women,
> Genuinely poor ppl,
> Love-struck Couples who wanna marry but are killed by Khap panchayats,
> Police ppl

etc. can go to hell; HRAs and terrorists etc enjoy. And mostly at our expense. Yup.. we taxpayers are the ones payin for Kasab's jail stay.. his books , his chicken tikkas, his kingfishers.. hell! even his underwear!

Well, i really am pissed off! And badly. I was born a fuckin human and i have no rights unless m some god freakin criminal? Thats crappy. Crappier than Mahesh Bhatt scratching his armpit every 5 minutes! Crappier than Sreesanth's break dance ! O hell..crappier even than havin Rakhi Sawant as wife!!

Lord, please help these souls..give them some brains; for they dont know what they are doin!




Priya shah said...

loved the conversation b/w Ktp n HRAs... hw do u cm up wit these thngs !! :) .. bt arent u gettin more (-)ve post by post ?

Mayank said...

thnks again fr appreciation :) ..n na..nt post by post..its the topic. Either i hate more ..or much more. So..depends on tht i guess :)


Anonymous said...

do u really thnk its gud to b so negatv ..esp human rghts? Pls dont write stuff if u dnt knw it

Mayank said...


Being -ve abt everythng + writin abt stuff (in a super biased way)... jst exercisin my human rights u knw :) ...

Er. Sanjeev agarwal said...

what is this? Jst a frustrated and demented post! People like u support Bush even if hes lyin abt WMDs. Get a hold of yourself and take things in positive rather than frustration.

Riya said...

Haha ! totally agree dude! Just love ur writin style.. its amazin. The way u imagine humour is awesum! Shows an intellgnt creatv mind at work :).. cool blog

Mayank said...

@ 'Er. ' Sanjeev

Yeah.. m negative..gonna b negatv.. gonna die negatv. And u r the lastest victim of my ploy: "Gettin ppl to read these frstrated posts n plungin thm into darkness" . P.S.> ..i dnt support Iraq war if thats ur grudge. And in the end..thanksss ! You hv shown me a way of tellin the wrld tht m soo educated. M also gonna add 'MBA' bfr my name :)


@Riya.. thanks..appreciate it :)


Leo said...

Nice post! I have a few suggestions.

Avoid using SMS language. It may take two more keys to type an 'are' instead of an 'r'.

Remember, if you don't take an effort to write, people won't take an effort to read.

Swathi Pradeep said...

Nice one!
do check my comics blog:

Deepika Vasudeva said...

this one looks like one of your best frustrated post...
and i agree with EACH and EVERY point... its our mistake if we don't exercise our 'human rights' properly and keep on ignoring/ overlooking issues. the kasab issue shouldn't had to be stretched so long... its all coz of our superbly corrupted india and so-modified human rights definition for those "privileged people"...

Anonymous said...

this post is very usefull thx!