Wednesday, April 28, 2010


It takes a big man to cry, but it takes a bigger man to laugh at that man - Jack Handey

Indian idol is back again with its 5th (or 6th? Watever.. who gives a shit!) season. And again, we are witnessing similar things / turn of events / people like:

> Talentless judges (Excluding Sunidhi Chauhan. She compensates the lack of talent with hotness!)

> "I got no life" participants who queue up at 1.30 AM for a 9 AM audition

> Piss-ants who have their "My mother is ill / poor and all she wants is to see me win this shit" tearful stories ready !

I mean, what the fuck is wrong with these morons? Granted, the judges are no Einstein but to be fair to them, they reject some ass because he plainly > sings terribly! But instead of accepting the failures, many assholes choose to open their liquid ducts (not the useful ones but those having tears). And then the stories begin.

As a sample (And dont even dare to blame me for lame graphics. Its MS Paint's job!) :

Yes. Thats the sad deal. People nowdays use darn emotions to get their job done. Criminals and terrorists kill thousands but cry for their human rights. Talentless morons cry and manipulate the equal-ass audience into voting for them.

In the end, i think i will just say that this class of humans is nothin better than a dog poop. To graphically illustrate >


* A WORD [Ok! Many words. Watever!] *

It seems that my demented and frustrated post on "aunties" [ Link here ] has finally done something positive for me! A blogger friend , Giribala Joshi, has taken the highly easy task of findin my suitable match upon herself (Post here) ! So.. thank you with a font size of 144 !!

Jokes apart, she has a really nice blog (link) full of pricky sarcasm.


Ok well, time to end this post now and get back to my normal life: TV + coffee + Porn (Sophisticated, not Mallu types! )

Cheers ........................................... HIC !!!!!!!!!!!


Priya shah said...

whoa! You seem bit out of form :) .. this wasnt your best but good nevertheless... loved the imagination in graphics!

Rahul said...

awesome bhai ! 'kthxbhai' rocks :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with the sentiment behind this hilarious, super creative post, I find the blackmailing ridiculous too.

I am glad you found someone to find you a good Indian girl with sufficient dowry.

Mayank said...

Holy cows part 2 comin next..wait and watch :)


Kthxbhai fr comment.


@ Indian_home_maker
Thanks for the encouraging words :)
And I hope that 'someone' does her job well.. I dont care about dowry; only prob is the level of shock that girl's family will get when I show them the blog :)

Arunima said...

lol! really enjoyed this one.

Arunima said...

lol!really enjoyed this one.


Glad to find the treatment tv deserves getting in full blow. Good work....not a big fan of this post though, last few were much better

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

Anonymous said...

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