Saturday, April 24, 2010


“I don't mean to sound bitter, cold, or cruel, but I am, so that's how it comes out.” ~ Bill Hicks

........ the crusade against stupidity continues . Part 2 .........................

What exactly is Political correctness (PC)? Before you answer, I will just say> its a fuckin disease! There were lots and lots of stupidities floating around in this world but we the humans were never content. So, we added a cherry on top .. PC !

Let me first explain what PC actually is. It is basically a nice way to say something controversial. In other words, you are still screwin the other person.. but this time, in a nicer way. Its a genius idea on part of humans who just dont wanna make an effort to use their damn brains!

Its something like this : [ P.S. lame drawing.. i know.. but bear with it! In the words of Ratan Noora: Bhawnaon ko samjho (Understand the feelings man!) ]

[ Ku Klux Clan : ]

The thing which bugs me most is that PC doesnt solve any of our damn problems regarding discrimination. It was never meant to be infact. Its just like numerous other insanities like the earth hour , earth day and Womens day. All noise, no substance!

Basically, people give a shit about their earth and their women and other groups (minorities, blacks, fat people etc). They dont care and they know it. To eradicate this guilt, the fuckers devised political correctness! A prime example is the recent US election 2008 season where internal reports confirmed that Obama has so insanely high approval ratings only coz white americans support him out of PC! Else, they dont like him and give two hoots about his campaign.

Another idiotic example is of a moronic UK village which dumped the name "Christmas" for "A harmonious festival of Christians". I mean.. in the loudest terms.. WHAT THE FREAKIN FUCK MAN?? To appease Asians etc., you do this. and in the process, do what? Create further divide between native whites and Asians. Awesome! Hats off to you fuckin idiots!

I say we junk this shit called PC. And just change our attitude towards others. Minorities, Women, fat people etc. are all equal. All Humans. And if we cant respect them from heart, we all should just shut the hell up. No point in putting the fake foot forward.

BTW, a new term is floating around in USA these days for obese people: Gravitationally challenged! As soon as i came to know about this, all I wanted to do was shoot a bullet through the balls of the guy who came up with this novelty. I mean, who gave us a right to put forth this nomenclature anyway? Just coz obese people or minorities etc are far lessor in number; we will invent these names so as to not hurt their feelings? How about treatin them as humans people?? Think of them as equals. Those who wont like some "special" treatment just coz they are bit different. You wont require "names" then.

But i guess.. sadly.. PC is here to stay! Hence, I will end this rant right here. Besides, world wont change. It will always be "intellectually challenged" !


Cheers ........... Hic! Hic! Hic! .. Long live Fosters!!!!!!!!!!!!



chatterbox unplugged:no room for pseudo sympathy said...

nice ! pc as you say...just another mask we put on !

ankita said...

Amazin once again..... Drawin wsnt that lame though :P .. bhawnaein were good...

Priya shah said...

Cool one again... keep up the crusade :)

Mayank said...


thanks ... :)

Anonymous said...

Thought provoking!

PC should not be a euphemism hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

Wow. It's so funny that people can't event take a joke and treat everything as racist, sexist, autistic joke, disable people joke.

One advice fuck off from the internet if you get butthurt with mildest jokes that don't have any purpose eg. Ratan Noora joke. Take it as a joke!