Friday, April 9, 2010

Love and all that bullshit !

"I was nauseous and tingly all over. I was either in love or I had smallpox." ~ Woody Allen

** WARNING: badly written disgustin post ..w/o coffee at 2 AM. But watever! Take a hike and read !**

- - -

What is love? The time-eternal question, isnt it? Well, the answer is: Its pure bullcrap ! Infact its worse. Its a scam by some godless freak to plunge humanity into darkness.

Now, love used to be something nice. But that was eons ago. Nowdays, love is just a joke. Just look at those countless gullible morons who defy the very heights of commercialization by splurging on 'love' on 14th Feb. I am pretty sure that CEOs of companies which make tonnes of money on this day , simply love these idiots! I can infact, imagine a conversation between one such CEO and his marketing VP:

big fat CEO dude [BFCD] : HAHA (evil laugh) ! How much this year?
weasel- like Marketing VP [MVP] : $50 billion and counting.. HAHAHA [ evil laugh]
BFCD: Those fuckin love birds. They cant understand that we have reduced love to just a commercial shit.
MVP : Absolutely sir! Those penis-brained morons and their bimbo catches are waaay too innocent ! HAHAHA

And now, food for thought-- a valentine gift for that special someone>

Love today is just lust and nothing else. That explains why nice people are often w/o a chick / guy. Mostly guys though. Infact, its crime to be a nice guy today. If you drop a drunk chick home w/o sensing the opportunity to unleash your big 'friend' upon her, you are obviously nice. You may be one of those who definitely will be getting a 'standing ovation' while carrying her home but will always think of her respect first. But what does nice-ness makes you? Lame ofcourse! I mean .. you dont think of women as trash. you dont look at her assets but in her eyes while she talks for hours! You dont get secretly jealous of her success. Fuck it Boy!! You are so lame! for chicks like cooler pricks ..who are total dudes [ minus the niceties but eh! ].

Now, guys are also no less ofcourse. But well, at this point i will be a total chauvinist and not count guys' jerk-ness. Dont wanna betray Brotherhood so watever.

Anyhow, coming back to love. Well, its dying a painful death today. If you dont believe me, just go see the super-idiotic DoCoMo break-up ad featuring an irritatin couple.

[[ link to this video : ]]

WTF is this anyway? This ad is the final nail on love's coffin... designed by people with IQs so less, that even those tiny white worms who come out crawling wit your shit ..[ when you are having stomach infection, silly ; not otherwise; dont worry your ass off and read on ]]..... they can beat them in intelligence test.

May be; we are just gettin back at love by reducing it to this level. You know.. it hurts, makes you sad sometimes etc etc. So well, take revenge. Reduce it to stupidity. Joke. But any way you chose to see...this is a time of despair. Watever happened to love being a feeling of mutual respect and care? Wheres the patience? Why love nowdays is measured monetarily i.e. the costlier the V day gift, the more you love! Plain bullshit.

** Warning : Emotional Paragrph starting now . Girls> time to grab ur handkerchiefs . Guys> time to grab girls. Chance to console and 'net' those fishes **.

Well now, the eternal question: What is love? If you ask me, its 180 degrees opposite of lust. From my perspective, when a girl becomes much more to you than mere 'assets'.. you are there buddy !

Anyways, thats that. As for me, time for me to end this moronic and boring post and remember the Rabindra sadan metro station in Kolkata >>

Why, you wanna ask? Memories of a time gone by. And trust me, in a god-damn long dist. relationship>> nothin painful than watchin your gf goin back home in that metro while you are also leavin fr your city in sometime.

** // O Fuck! Before i get more senti, m gonna end this really high quality post right now. //



Priya shah said...

'standing ovation' ... LOLZ. Where do you come up with this stuff ? hehe

Mayank said...

@PS... Frustration wit the world breeds sarcasm n humor lol .. :)

Richa Sharma said...

I like it :)
The frustration, the venting out, the imagination and the wackiness!!

But the best part is the ending... where zap!!! u cm back to reality... like with a thud!! And m sure no more sleep for few more hrs!!

Ur blog is awesome!! i ll

Tk care.. Kp Up!!

chatterbox unplugged:no room for pseudo sympathy said...

aaaa out of the crazy "bullcrap" lingo....... ders a sad undertone of a person who loves to be in love .......:)

Mayank said...


Thnx :) ... n infact ventin out frustration in choicest words a sure-shot way of gettin a good sleep... :)

Anonymous said...

Good write-up bt u shldnt be negative . Rather than imagination, it breeds depression dnt u think ?

Mayank said...

@above (anon.)

may b. bt wht makes u thnk depression cant further breed more innovative imagination? Besides, nothin idiotic thn dislikin smthng bt pretendin to b its fan.. a.k.a. conformism . Better to piss off ppl by bein total -ve.. *winks* :)

Anonymous said...

I like how you'd rather piss people off than be negative. *props*

Mayank said...

@ Purple_Butterfly

Thanks... One is a negative person if n only if he dsnt believe in the fact "We ALL have probs, now move on n live !'... And nothin better to piss off those ! :)

nikita said...

everything happens for a reason...

let it go baby !!

wana see you happy always...

Deepika Vasudeva said...

umm.. i don't know what to say.

thats true that love is not actually "love" nowadays.. maybe a fun for some and game for others but not what it is meant to be.. anything but that.