Tuesday, April 13, 2010


"When I did `Playboy`, I got letters from women who didn`t consider it feminist to do nude photographs. I thought the whole POINT of being a feminist was that you got to make your own choices" - Cindy Crawford

Women rights and Feminism. Good concepts. But like love, reduced to shit in present times (refer to my previous post ..n yes, you guessed it! It’s a ploy to get you to read my earlier posts as well.. HAHA. Genius!).

Anyhow, lets first discuss the history of feminist movement. Many years ago, a sensible woman (like Betty Friedan) thought she should do something about the unequal state of women. But before she could make her ideas awesomely acceptable, there came a stupid and sexually frustrated bimbo who put forth this piece of gem:

Voila! Birth of feminist movement. Bravo!!

Frankly speaking, Feminists should occupy one of the top 3 slots in the list of ‘groups to be carpet bombed to death”.. the other two slots ofcourse goin to rahul-rakhi-swayamvar group and human rights activists (Like a certain Ms Roy- Goddess of not-so-small Idiotic things).

Now, I will not be politically correct when i say this. I am all for women rights. Infact, if people aint treatin their women and girls as respectable humans, they deserve to be given cyanide, then shot in ass and finally thrown from Eiffel tower before being sent to hell and cooked in oil mixed with Satan's semen. What I really hate is when morons (who have brains the size of an ant’s pubic hair) fight for something totally stupid. And sadly, they are the ones who get all the recognition. Just like Ms “Ooh! Ooh! Indian govt bad. Naxals good. Yay ” Arundhati Roy. These god-damned assholes will almost always have ekta Kapoor as their role model woman. You know na? The lady who shows women as total stupid bitches in her serials? Yeah…her only.

And presentin'.....the one and only - 'Jhelta' Kapoor

The foremost agency responsible for women’s liberation (lib.) in India is Nat’l commission for women (ncw.nic.in). And that’s why, they are always at the forefront of radically stupid measures; one of which was that a man has to provide alimony in case of a failed live-in relationship. Toooo Awesum! Add liability to a relationship which was invented to get around liabilities that a marriage brings! My god..NCW rocks!! And you know whos rejoicing? Besides Arundhati roy and Rakhi sawant? you guessed it... Feminists. Because they know it’s a path breaking ..err back breaking judgment. Backs of men, that is. The agenda is simple: Let rural and semi-rural women, who actually are screaming for help; go to hell while we use our little brains to introduce frivolous cosmetic acts.

I surely have a big problem with the thinking that we should degrade men so as to empower women. WTF is this crap man?? First you tell women: Rise. Be equal to men. Then you degrade men. You know what it suggests? That women have no fuckin brains and need to be treated as grown up problem children... which obviously is as far from truth as real talent from Rakhi Sawant.

Honestly, m really sick of these ‘sacred cows’. Man commits adultery? Divorce and alimony. Woman commits it? Shes a victim (Watever that means.. ask NCW). Horny pricks have sex before 18: boy -sent to juvenile home on rape charges; girl- let off. Perfect aint it ? Now before some bimbo shouts ‘But guys are manipulative dogs! They need to be taught a lesson!!”, I will say- Yes. They are. But not all of them. And what about women? Don’t they act as manipulative pricks? What about those misusing Sec 498(A)? Or those eggheads who genuinely wear tight shirts (sometimes so tight that their assets literally shout out for fresh air!!) during MBA job interviews so as to ‘showcase’ their talent? And trust me on this one. I have bore the brunt of this!

One more grudge I have against feminists is that the way they scoff at something which doesn’t meet their standards. They ridicule every homemaker lady, even if she has chosen that with full logic of her own. Aint that an insult to countless such homemakers? I will take the example of my mom. Shes a great homemaker and loves being that. Plus, she hates these feminist dolls. Well, these famine-ists also scoff if some lady is not given a job/ promotion, even if its coz there was a more worthy male candidate. Also, they just refuse to give any real credit to talented and intelligent successful women like Mrs Indra Nooyi (Pepsi chief) or Mrs shaw (Biocon chief). However, they wont scoff if certain ‘strong’ women use tears or the bloody advantage of having assets to further their cause.

Ultimately thing is, both sexes have sour grapes among them. Thing is that women have always been treated as second hand citizens. Thing is that women have full rights to be empowered and demand their standing in society. Thing is they are special.. in their own way. But thing which ISNT ...is that you need to fuck men to prove that! Let women be. Support them. Respect them. Fuck those feminists.

And, as an afterthought for famine-ists :



Priya shah said...

Hmm... Interestin.. i pity on feminists really. But u really have murdered them ! hehe

Rashi said...

Nice, I must say....but all through the write-up, an unresolved tension lingered on....may be b'coz i felt that there were sweeping statements about feminists.....there are not just one kind of feminists....are there??? You did try to make that point in the end but it appeared as feminists Vs. the other women who ofcourse do not 'fuck the men' to demand for themselves.
neway, I like the way u alwys try to tie all the loose threads in the end...be it this post or the last one.... *Thumbs Up*

Mayank said...

@PS .. 'murder' was the intent :)

@Rashi: Yeps, thr r sm logical feminists also (betty friedan etc) n post indeed is biased against the othr kind.. bt main intent ws to rant out against the propoganda of tht othr kind as it gets much more noticed... nwys, glad u read it don :)


Rashi said...

I know you were trying to rant out against the other kind but what did not come out clearly is that you do believe that the other kind is also "Feminist".....
btw i thot u knew that i read all ur posts.. :)

Rahul said...

better thn last one.. endin ws awesum dude unlike tht 'love' post where u indulged in sm emo stuff towards da end :) :)

Mayank said...


hmm.. agreed abt the generalization regardin feminists... n yep, m glad i hv atleast one dedicated reader :)

@ rahul

HAHA.. i knw it got emo there .. PS i knw y u liked this one's endin... n no, she isnt a playboy model..dnt google fr her 'pics'. lol


chatterbox unplugged:no room for pseudo sympathy said...

second hand citizens???? <<>.... ant's pubic hair...satan's semen ....hilariously cheezzzzy.......... i know it was a passing statement about arundhati roy...i have different views about her.....won't get into that coz ur blogs not abt her .....:) ..completely agree with all u said abt da law...but ya nt all of dem r bad...some questions need to be answered by the society...and thank god some people r there to do !!

i believe in the truest spirit of the term a man can be a "feminist".....feminism doesnt equal male bashing ...the pseudo self proclaimed ones r ur right target !!

Pragya Modi said...

Well feminism is not such a bad word though :D
But yes a lot nuisance is made with this word..you pulled it correct though "in a little hated and one-sided way " but think that was your intent !!
keep rolling....!!

Mayank said...


thanks ..n yep, the intent ws to brutally 'destroy' it :)

Harshad said...

totally agree with your p.o.v...

being brought up in a metro, i have always bore the brunt of "womens' reservation"...

and personally feel there should be reservation for men, god dammit!!

i mean, most of em fems r brighter than us dweebs....why reservation for them??!! :(

and wtf's up wit reservation and equality demanded at d same time? hipocrit biatchez d whole lot :-|

Anonymous said...

I just signed up to your blogs rss feed. Will you post more on this subject?